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Fall fantasies

Friday, September 20, 2019

According to the fine folks at Google, the first day of fall is now less than a week away.

The autumnal equinox ó that is, according to the equally fine folk at Wikipedia, one of two days each year when the plane of Earthís equator passes directly through the sun, thus resulting in approximately equal durations of daytime and nighttime across the planet ó will occur on Monday, Sept. 23.

If youíre like me, you canít wait.

Fall is my favorite time of the year ó although you can keep your pumpkin spice, thank you very much.

More than anything, I love fall because thatís when the temperatures will finally, finally begin to drop to a level capable of supporting human life. OK, maybe thatís a bit of an exaggeration, but the point is that Iím ready for some cool air.

I donít have any scientific data to prove my point, but I contend that this summer has been the hottest since I moved to Berryville in June of 2014. That summer, it seemed as if it was 82 degrees every day. While the summers of 2015 through 2018 were a bit warmer, they didnít approach the heat weíve seen this year. At least, thatís the way it seems to me.

Humidity is a way of life in Arkansas, and having lived in this state my entire life, Iíve learned to accept it. But the entire time Iím sweating my way through spring and summer, Iím waiting for the respite of fall.

Fall is also football time, and if you know me, you know how much I love football.

The arrival of fall also means the first big pot of chili canít be far behind.

Iím skeptical this year that fall is really only a week ago, equinox or not. Iím afraid weíre going to keep sweltering for another two or three weeks.

At some point, though, it has to change. The cool air will blow through, and Iíll open my windows, cook up a big pot of chili and kick back in my recliner to watch football.

I just hope it happens soon.