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Football season is here

Friday, September 13, 2019

Regular readers of this column know that Iím a devoted baseball fan. More accurately, Iím a devoted Chicago Cubs fan. This year, that means baseball season for me will likely be finished sooner than it has been for the past four years. This Cubs team isnít making the playoffs and if it somehow does get in, it wonít be for long.

The good news is, football is here.

Football season always teases us a little before it really gets going. There are preseason NFL games and high school scrimmages and even one or two college games a week before everyone really gets started.

To me, though, football season officially gets underway with the first full week of high school games. So last Friday was a big day for a football junkie like me. It was a big day for the Berryville Bobcats and the Green Forest Tigers, too.

The two local teams have had their struggles over the past few seasons, but they certainly started strong this year. Berryville completely dominated West Fork for a 41-0 shutout and Green Forestís talented sophomores led the way in a 39-12 road victory over Yellville-Summit. Iím excited to watch both these teams develop over the next few weeks.

If I needed more proof that football season is in full swing, I got it Saturday morning. After watching most of ESPNís GameDay program, I checked the TV listings at 11 a.m. and found a dozen games about to start! And the Saturday football doesnít stop until after midnight. There is literally 13 hours of live football!

Of course, I didnít spend the entire day watching football; I did flip over to the Cubs game and watched long enough to lose my temper. Later I had dinner with my son and then he joined me to watch the Razorbacksí pitiful performance against Ole Miss.

On Sunday, I saw parts of four NFL games, including the Sunday Night Football matchup between the Patriots and Steelers. Iím grateful to NBC for starting the Sunday night games 15 minutes earlier this season, but all that really means is I fall asleep sometime in the third quarter instead of at halftime.

As I write this, itís Monday afternoon. Mondays are typically long days here at work, but Iím hoping I can get home at a decent hour tonight. You know, so I can watch Monday Night Football.