Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge offers free admission in honor of ‘The Lion King’

Friday, July 26, 2019

From July 19-Aug. 29, those who see Disney's The Lion King in theaters can receive a special discount at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. Every adult who purchases a general admission ticket to the refuge will receive a free ticket for their child (age 12 and under) if they present a movie ticket stub from The Lion King.

TCWR hopes to encourage people to see the real lion kings and queens at the sanctuary, where guests are given the opportunity to learn about the valuable role this species plays in the ecosystem and the implications of forcing them to live in captivity as pets, props and playthings.

Disney's new release of The Lion King is a live-action remake of the 1994 animated film. The company's powerful application of CGI technology is evident in the movie's trailer, which has team members at TCWR jumping for joy for reasons other than its general impressiveness.

"In our society, animals are constantly being unfairly exploited for entertainment," said TCWR President Tanya Smith. "From circuses to magic shows to movies, they are not respected for the creatures that they are and are instead treated like props. Disney is showing that modern technology has the power to change that. They can harness the beauty of wildlife without harming any actual animals."

The film will likely generate excitement about wildlife and conservation, opening the door for more educational opportunities and productive conversations, Smith said.

For more information, call 479-253-5841.

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