Striking Gold: Locals win big at Senior Games

Friday, July 5, 2019
A total of 29 Carroll County residents competed in the Northwest Arkansas Senior Games on May 3 in Harrison, winning first place. Pictured from left to right are Carroll County Senior Activity and Wellness Center director Carla Mann, Raymond Backs, Andy Backs, Kim Backs, Leonda Wilson, Charlie Hull (seated), Anita Spearman, Ron Bills, Florence Fout, Kandis Smith, James Sugg, Mary Warren, Aldean Grundman and Kristy Noble.
Billy Stidham / Carroll County News

By Billy Stidham

Local citizens representing the Carroll County Senior Activity & Wellness Center won first place in this year’s Northwest Arkansas Senior Games on May 3 in Harrison.

The Carroll County group finished with more total points than the 14 other participating groups and won $500 for the senior center.

Carroll County’s 29 participants ranged in age from 51 to 92 and were split into groups competing against others in similar age ranges.

Berryville’s Kristy Noble was the High Point Female, scoring a total of 98 points.

“Winning to me is winning for the senior center,” Noble said. “The other thing that’s really rewarding is to see people of all ages still out doing healthy activities. There were people in their late 80s throwing the javelin and shot put. It’s just amazing to see senior adults still be able to enjoy the day and have fun and stay healthy and active.”

The $500 prize will go toward a special project at the Senior Center which the Senior Center Ambassador Committee will discuss and approve.

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