CAPC begins interviewing executive director applicants

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

By Samantha Jones

The Eureka Springs City Advertising and Promotion Commission is getting closer to naming a new executive director.

On Wednesday, May 8, chairwoman Carol Wright reported the commission has narrowed the list of applicants from 200 to 10. Wright said she’d like to start interviewing the 10 candidates that made the cut soon, saying it’s important to ask each candidate the same questions during preliminary interviews.

“I’ll ask them some specific questions that will either make them say, ‘No, I’m not interested,’ or ‘Yes, I’m very interested in the job,’ “ Wright said, “such as, ‘Do you plan to live within an hour’s drive of here?’ “

The commission will use a rating sheet for the first round of interviews, Wright said, to narrow down the applicants once again. Wright said all the applicants bring something to the table, saying they are “people with incredible theater experience, booking experience, chamber people and downtown business people.”

“Everybody that’s in the pot of 10 –– anybody in that group would be a really excellent person,” Wright said, “but we might all agree the personality and ability to work with other people is probably going to be the biggest factor in who we choose.”

The commission moved on to hear from interim director Rick Bright, who said city finance director Lonnie Clark needs one of the commission’s previous decisions in writing. The commission agreed to allow former director Mike Maloney to leave his job earlier than expected with pay for the rest of the month, Bright said, but didn’t make a motion to pay Maloney for those hours.

“He worked that Wednesday, which was the first day of our pay period,” Bright said. “There were 72 hours remaining they didn’t pay him for.”

Commissioner Susan Harman moved to pay Maloney the additional 72 hours through the end of April 2019, and the commission agreed to do so.

In other business, Bright presented a request from the parks commission to pay $4,200 to print new trails maps. Bright said the parks commission had received marketing support funds to print the maps in the past.

“We haven’t funded it in the last two years, but they’re requesting we do it again,” Bright said. “They didn’t do it as a marketing support fund request. They just sent a letter.”

Wright asked when the commission would hear marketing support fund requests next, and Bright said it would be in August. Harman said the request doesn’t seem to fall under marketing support anyway.

“I thought the whole goal of marketing support was that we promote new ideas in town and … I would have some issues with that being marketing support,” Harman said. “Are they short, or is this just because we’ve done it before?”

“I think it’s because we’ve done it before,” Bright said. “We do take these brochures to all our trade shows, so we go through quite a few of them ourselves. This is a brand-new one. They had to add all the new trails and update the map.”

Wright said she’d prefer to wait on making a decision until the commission hears all marketing support fund requests.

“We’ve had several groups ask about the remaining money, and we’ve been putting them off,” Wright said. “I think we need to be fair about that, so we’re just going to let this roll over to the next meeting.”

Bright then asked the commission to move money to accommodate its $10,000 contribution to the Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce’s summer co-op marketing project. Harman moved to place $10,000 under a line item for co-op advertising. The commission voted, unanimously agreeing to do so.

The commission’s next regular meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday, June 12, at The Auditorium.

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