Letter to the Editor

Run for office and help your community

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Are you filled with ideas about making the world a better place? Looking for help in making those ideas happen? Actually, there are a lot of us out there wanting to make a difference, but not sure where our skills and talents would best be used.

Hereís one idea that you may have never thought of: Running for office. Many of our elected officials started out with no political career goals ó they just wanted to help their communities. Sound familiar?

There are a number of ways to see how you can help out your county, region, and state ó and itís not as difficult or intimidating as you might think.

In Carroll County we have local and regional elections coming up for the Quorum Courtís Justice of the Peace (J.P.ís) in all 11 districts, as well as in three districts for the State House of Representatives. All of these are two-year terms ó perfect for first-time candidates.

No candidates have announced they are running for any of these positions as of the date of this writing.

Hereís why you should think about helping out your community now: For the upcoming 2020 election cycle the filing deadline has been moved up. It was March of the election year. As of this year, the deadline is now in November (2019) just six months away.

As well as earlier filing dates, the primary election date in March will also be earlier than in the past 2018 cycle. The general election will be held on the first Tuesday in November of 2020.

One more fact to ponder while youíre thinking about running: In recent elections several of the positions, including both J.P.s and State House Reps for District 83 and 98, have been decided without opposition. The ability to choose a candidate is your right and privilege as a citizen ó donít you want to be part of the process?

Some quick facts: To be a J.P. candidate one needs to file at the county courthouse.

State House Representative candidates file at the state capitol in Little Rock. Need even more information? Your county political parties are a great source of knowledge and help about running for office, and would be delighted to hear from you!

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