Friday, May 3, 2019

One quality God blessed me with was loyalty to the people in my life. Proverbs 21:21 tells us, Whoever pursues righteousness and kindness will find life, righteousness and honor. As natural as this seems, I’ve found that during my lifetime, loyalty is a trait which has diminished in commonality. My grandfather’s generation practiced loyalty almost to a fault, many giving their lives in exchange for loyalty to a particular person or cause. Now, it seems like friends like this are few and far between.

I am blessed to have several friends who have been loyal to me, when there was no benefit to them.

You know that friend you call when you need a favor that is so ridiculous that it makes no sense to either of you? That person for me is Dana Wilkins. If you knew Dana, you’d know that no one would think we’d ever be friends. We are two people who couldn’t be more different, but one thing we agree on is loyalty. She is the most loyal person I’ve ever met, and the truest friend anyone could ever have.

My friend needs prayers right now, and I intend to do everything I can do to help her get through this battle she’s facing. I believe in the power of prayer, as I’ve experienced miracles through praying that only God could ever imagine.

Dana’s going to beat this, but I want to make sure I do my part to return the loyalty she’s shown to me by asking all of you to remember my dear friend today as you read these words. Keep her in your thoughts. I need Dana to continue to be that rock I’ve relied on for many years.

Loyalty is friendship that has caught fire. Don’t let the fire go out.

• • •

Rick Stanfield is a syndicated columnist, motivational speaker and author. His latest book is “I Can and I Will.” For more information, visit his website at www.RickStanfield.com