Letter to the Editor

Letter represented one man’s opinion

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Dear Editor:

The letter to the Editor titled: Code enforcement is Haphazard, is the opinion of one B&B owner (maybe one other) and needs to be recognized as not representing the opinions of the majority of B&B owners in this community. Behind this letter was: (an attempt to call most B&B owners in town to not sign the affidavit and to meet on April 14, 2019 to protest). There have been no meetings or exchanges of communication among all the B&B owners in this town on this issue and for that matter any issues that might be facing the owners of B&Bs. There is no official organization or informal organization in town among B&B owners in Eureka Springs as well.

That letter to the Editor is the work of one B&B owner and is his opinion. 

I have owned my B&B for 10 years now and never in these years have found any “hostility” toward my business, nor have I heard from other B&B owners that any of them have experienced “hostility.”

To state: “for many years, been especially antagonistic toward B&B owners/operators” is patently false or the opinion of this person and not widely experienced. Note no examples of antagonistic or hostile efforts by the city are given.To make public such a wild accusation against enforcement of a longstanding ordinance that is and has been ignored by a few B&Bs in town by tightening up enforcement is just ill conceived by this person. Note title of Enforcement is Haphazard. Then an attempt to enforce is committed and this person complains about it!

I find this letter to the Editor to be for me: “the straw that broke the camel’s back.” 

The fact is that it is his opinion and while he is entitled to his opinion to taint the rest of the B&B community like he has our blessing to go public  is wrong. Damning the city, its leadership, the planning commission and others in his quest to challenge enforcement of code is not accurate. Enforcement of code was the reason for the action taken by planning to deal with lack of compliance. Note he provides no facts of lack of enforcement, no facts related to how B&B owners have been treated with hospitality, nor did he provide any facts to illustrate antagonistic behavior on the part of the city.

In publishing this hostile opinion piece that is maligning the city and planning commission, he has created a negative public perception of the state of B&B ownership in the city and could well impact the sale of various B&B businesses in this town. Point is case: I have had several guests who ask me questions about the city and what is going on having read the local papers. On several occasions I have had potential buyers of real estate in town who stayed with me while looking at property ask about issues noted in the paper. This opinion piece does nothing to help out the real estate sales in the city and specifically the sale of lodging or even other businesses. That old saying: “it is a dirty bird that fowls its own nest” seems appropriate for his opinion piece.

The opinion published on March 27, 2019, does little other than air a disgruntled B&B owner’s opinion without merit or facts, but could well succeed in hampering the sale of a B&B or other lodging establishment to potential buyers. What has he accomplished other than blowing off some steam all the while casting a cloud on owning a B&B in this town?

I must say: “Fake news” sure fits this matter.


David Mitchell