BV board approves eSchool salary schedule

Friday, March 29, 2019

By Kelby Newcomb

The Berryville School District’s business department is going electronic.

The Berryville School Board voted Monday to approve the eSchool Salary Schedule, which will handle staff contracts electronically and change “Step 0” to “Step 1” for starting teachers.

“We’re moving to e-finance with our business department,” Superintendent Owen Powell said. “We’ve actually been in that process for several years now. The way the program and e-finance work for contracts is you cannot have a zero step.”

Currently, he said teachers coming into the district with no experience start on Step 0.

“Basically, what I’m asking the board is to change that salary schedule,” Powell said, “so that it starts on Step 1 instead of Step 0. There are no money changes. Whether it’s Step 0 or Step 1, that very first step stays the same amount.”

He said the change will not affect anyone’s contracts or salaries.

Jason Vines, pre-construction manager for Nabholz Construction, gave an update on the middle school and high school building projects.

“We’ve got lots of progress over on the middle school and high school,” he said.

He said the foundations for the middle school cafeteria and media center have been put down, and the underground plumbing and electrical lines have been installed. The next step, he said, will be erecting steel structures.

“This month you’ll see a bunch of steel pieces being put together,” Vines said. “We’ve got a pretty busy month ahead. We’ll actually start the structure of the middle school additions.”

He said the steel for the high school should start arriving nearing the end of April.

“In May, you’ll start seeing that go up and seeing the structure,” Vines said.

Board president Chapp Hipps asked if the construction was staying on schedule.

“We did have some difficulties with weather. It was a pretty wet winter,” Vines said, “but we have done what we can to try to make up for lost time. We’re pleased with where we’re at right now.”

The board also voted to approve a ballot resolution to open no polling places for the May 21 annual school election since Hipps is running unopposed. The election will be conducted by absentee ballot and early voting only.

The board voted to approve adding a middle school cafeteria manager position. The board also voted to approve hiring Ethan Williams as a substitute custodian and to accept the resignation of bus mechanic Keeton Evans.

The board voted to accept the resignations of special education teacher Nancy Martin and fourth grade math teacher Carmel Melton.

The board also voted to renew certified contracts for the 2019-20 school year.

The board’s next regular meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Monday, April 8, in the Intermediate Cafetorium.

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