Letter to the Editor

Thanks for the help

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

I am writing this letter to shout a big thank you to the South Carroll County 911 Dispatch operator and to Mr. Rick Wheatley.

Last week, I had a flat tire between Alpena and Osage — an area where cell phone coverage with my provider was weak or, most often, non-existent. Though I was able to change the tire, the spare was also flat as it had been unused for years and so I called my roadside assistance provider. Almost two hours later, the provider finally responded with information that they could find no one in the area to respond. By that time it was after 6 p.m. Aside from one car that stopped early on while I still expected eventual assistance from roadside service, no one else had offered help despite the fact that I was an older female, with a small grandchild, and apparent car trouble. In desperation, I called 911 and my faith in the kindness of strangers was restored. I have no idea of the identity of the woman who answered my call, but within five minutes she called back to say that an emergency responder who lived near that location was coming with an air compressor. That gentleman was Mr. Rick Wheatley, who I now understand is a volunteer with the Green Forest Fire Department. Thank you, Mr. Wheatley, for coming to our rescue — and thank you to the dispatcher who let you know of our need.

— Jennifer Lane