BV council approves budget changes

Friday, March 22, 2019

By Kelby Newcomb

The Berryville City Council voted Tuesday to approve Ordinance 1049, which amends the operating budget for 2018.

The council voted to suspended the rules and pass the ordinance on all three readings, declaring an emergency. The emergency clause states that the operating expenses of the city are necessary for the orderly function of city government.

Mayor Tim McKinney asked city administrative assistant Jay Lee if there was anything out of the ordinary in the budget amendments.

“One of the things you’ll notice on a recurring thing is workers’ comp insurance,” Lee said. “Somehow or another, we paid in January of 2018 and then paid in December of 2018, so there was a double payment.”

The budget amendments list $5,186.80 in workers’ comp insurance for the Water System Fund, $1,046.70 for the Sewer System Fund, $2,953.40 for the Street Fund and $2,593.40 for the Community Center Fund.

“So they were lumped together?” asked alderwoman CIndy George.

Lee said that was correct.

“So don’t freak out too much about that,” he said. “It’s not that our rate increased. We had double invoices in one year.”

He continued, “A lot of the other stuff is stuff that we can’t really account for budget-wise because it’s unknown data, such as the Freeman soccer complex, the armory renovation, the fire department and that kind of stuff.”

“We underestimated our revenue in a lot of departments, didn’t we?” asked McKinney.

“We had almost as many revenue adjustments as there are expense adjustments, which is a good thing,” Lee said.

The council’s next regular meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday, April 2, at City Hall.

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