Food City to offer location for trucks

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

By Kelby Newcomb

Food City will offer a central location in Berryville for both food trucks and their patrons.

Property owner Jimmy Jones said Food City will be offering monthly rentals for spaces on the property because it is a good location and accessible for trucks.

“The food trucks are everywhere,” he said. “They’re coming here now, and there’s a handful of them already set up. We’re setting them up on our property because it’s a good piece of property for trucks to get in and out of.”

Jones continued, “The property is the old craft building from years ago at the intersection of Highway 21 and Highway 62 going north.”

He said one food truck is scheduled to set up shop on the property beginning April 1.

“Hopefully some more people will follow her,” Jones said. “We are going to start renting spots and see where it goes. It looks like a good place and a good time to do it.”

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