Science Fair winners announced

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Berryville Schools hosted a science fair for kindergarten through sixth grade on March 7. Winners are invited to the regional science fair hosted by OUR Educational Cooperative at North Arkansas College in Harrison on May 15. High school AP Science students Sandy Carloman, Sarah Withers, Delwin Portillo, Anya Sincero, Bailey Doss, Gio Covarrubias, Jackie Diaz, and Hannah Blitz served as judges, along with Olivia Foster from 4H, Eric Jones from Carroll Electric Cooperative Corp., and Jack Hudgens from First National Bank of North Arkansas.


Winners were:

K-2 Team Project

First Place: Jacob Escobar & Logan Patterson, Sweet Soak

Second Place: Jaden Paine & Anthony Arrizon, Bouncing Radio  Waves

Third Place: Merwoj Napking & Denise Perez, Teeth Trouble


Kindergarten: Experiments & Investigations:

First Place: Liam Newberry (Home schooled) Germ Detective

Second Place: Zyla Reyes, Which Crayons Melt Fastest

Third Place: Maddie Marr, Mixing Primary Colors


First Grade: Collections, Models, & Demonstrations

First Place: Jaxon Backs, Mission to Mars


First Grade: Experiments & Investigations

First Place: Caleb Jones, Show me the Money

Second Place: Cayleigh Teigen, Food Color Paper Flowers

Third Place: Chela Clark, Wipe It Away, No Way


Second Grade: Collections, Models, & Demonstrations

First Place: Sheila Tituila, What’s the Matter, Mr. Snowman

Second Place: Elijah Changus, Bubbling Waters

Third Place: Gonzalo Tellez-Tellez, 5 Properties of Matter

Second Grade: Experiments & Investigations:

First Place: Amariah Wallace, Oily Quandry

Second Place: Natalia Scallorn, Blue Infusion

Third Place: Cassie Smythe, A Pink Explosion


Third Grade Physical Science

First Place — Julia Miller, Stain Away

Second Place — Cason Willing, Baseball Physics

Third Place — Lorraine Williams, Soda Explosion


Fourth Grade Physical Science

First Place — Brooke Clark, Sunny Day

Second Place — Reagan Scarrow, Fastest Way to Cool a Soda

Third Place — Kirsten Killingsworth, Marker Chromatography


Fourth Grade Life Science

First Place — Allie Graber, DNA Experiment


Fifth Grade Physical Science

First Place — Noah Houghton, Em vs Household liquids

Second Place — Serenity Eason, Fruit Battery

Third Place — Braydon Scarrow, Big Pieces Little Pieces

Fifth Grade Life Science

1st Colton Franklin, Need for Seeds

2nd Carley Ward, Biodegradable Items

3rd Chaney Fairweather, 5 Second Rule


Sixth Grade Physical Science

First Place — Gabriel Wall, Spud Shooter

Second Place — Yasmine Sagatume, Bouncy Polymer

Third Place — Mattie Fultz, Does Tea Stain Teeth?


Sixth Grade Life Science

First Place — Kyle Ball, Ant Lion Pits

Second Place — Sophie Bartos, Mold Buster

Third Place — Taylor Eastwood, Red vs. Green Apple in Lemon Juice


Fifth and Sixth Grade team

First Place — Raiden Carroll and Lato Myers, Candy Waterfall

2nd Aiyanna Sincero and Hannah,, Bacteria on Electronics

Third Place — Alex McClellan and Jaustin Gomez, What Will Melt Ice Fastest?

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