Letter to the Editor

Big thanks from Learning Center

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Dear Editor,

The Learning Center of North Arkansas would like to send out a Special Thank You to the communities in North Arkansas who have supported our adult athletes. Friday March 8, 2019 was our 9th Annual Red and Purple Basketball Tournament. We were blessed with the support of a multitude of people in the surrounding communities.

We would like to thank Coach Compton, Coach Woodruff, and Coach Smith from Berryville and Green Forest Public Schools for providing their cheerleading team and volunteers to encourage, motivate, and assist our athletes during their competition as well as the halftime entertainment. I would like to mention some very important athletes from both schools that need recognition for dedicating time and energy to our program. Athletic volunteers Luis Lopez, Christian Lopez, and Lizbeth Lopez encouraged and played alongside the Tigers and the Bobcats. We would also like to thank the Berryville Cheerleaders: Trinity Rains, Kaylin Rains, Christena Matzeder, and Kylea Standlee for their spectacular halftime performance and their ongoing encouragement to the athletes. These young athletes deserve a huge thank you from everyone at TLCNA and should be recognized by the community as dedicated caring individuals! Special thanks are in order for Dusty Rains, our official at the evening’s games, Berryville Public Schools maintenance personnel, Bill Gates who continually provides support by setting up the facilities to accommodate our event and Allison Tennant for allowing us to utilize the Bobcat Arena. This event would not be possible without these continuous elements of support!

Also, we would like to recognize The Berryville Police Department and The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office for providing our athletes with an official Police Escort to the Game. This exciting component during our departure creates an immense amount of motivation and excitement within our athletes and ensures a great deal of community recognition and support. Officer Craig Hicks with Berryville Police Department and Deputy Nathan Knight of the Carroll County Sherriff’s Office were an incredible addition to our event and went out of their way to see that our event created lifelong memories among the athletes!

We would like to thank all of our sponsors that continually support our mission as well as the very special lady and parent of one of our athletes, Lynae Strough. Lynae is very passionate about our program and has dedicated valuable time to endlessly pursue community support and contributions that allow us to purchase T-shirts, trophies, and medals for all of our events. We would like to recognize Robert Albarran and Laura Aguinaga, owners of The Horse Shoe Grill of Berryville, for allowing us to host our Annual Awards Banquet at their establishment. We would also like to recognize all of their friendly staff for going above and beyond to provide excellent food and service to our large group while simultaneously accommodating our needs, and for temporarily rearranging the restaurant so that we could take a group photo to keep as a memento for the days event.

We are so fortunate to have the support of all of The Learning Center of North Arkansas’s staff members who come out each year to make this event memorable and special for our athletes. Coach Jarrell Wright is constantly assisting these athletes as they train for this event, and our newest staff member, Coach Cara Phillippe, has quickly adapted and proven to be a major asset to our Adult Program. Also, all of the preschool teachers from the Berryville and Green Forest Campuses that were involved this year by cheering for our athletes and by making individual signs for all of our athletes. This added a nice personalized touch that included every student and athlete! We would also like to thank all of the staff members from our Alpena and Holiday Island campuses that came out and assisted with the tournament. All of your efforts do not go unnoticed and are greatly appreciated.

We would also like to recognize all of the families and friends who came out to show their support for our program and continually see that all of the athletes that attend our program are included in a variety of exciting and new outings and adventures!

A simple thank you is not enough to show the appreciation and gratitude of The Learning Center of North Arkansas’s Adult Development Program! All of the Communities, Contributors, Sponsors, Schools, Volunteers, Restaurant Owners, Law Enforcement Personnel, Teachers, Coaches, and Athletes deserve more recognition than a modest letter will provide. Please know that we are forever grateful for your support and all of your recognition is noticeably earned! We look forward to expanding this program and all of our events, but our ever-growing success would not be possible without the involvement and support of these great communities and their residents. We are very fortunate to live in such a wonderful area where the townspeople are incredibly loyal and supportive of our program!

Thank You,

— Jake Hall

Adult Service