GF man arrested at school

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

By Kelby Newcomb

A Green Forest man was arrested Friday, March 8, at Green Forest High School.

Superintendent Matt Summers said the Green Forest Police Department responded to a situation at the high school and arrested a subject.

“A person came to the school wishing to see a family member,” Summers said. “It escalated from there, and there was an arrest made.”

Green Forest Police Chief John Bailey said one of the school resource officers (SRO) received a complaint from a staff member about Tyler Scott Marr, 27, driving his truck around school grounds in a reckless manner.

“They said he would take off and speed around the school property,” Bailey said. “When the officer made contact with him, he became disorderly and wouldn’t comply with basic questions.”

As a result of Marr’s behavior, Bailey said high school principal Terry Darnell did not want him on school property.

The police department responded, he said, and Marr was arrested for fictitious vehicle tags, no registration, no liability insurance and obstructing governmental operations.

“It was an unfortunate situation,” Bailey said. “If he had cooperated and been civil with the officer, this wouldn’t have happened this way.”

He said SROs and police departments take this type of behavior very seriously.

“In the current climate, this kind of behavior is a concern for everybody,” Bailey said, “especially when it takes place on school property.”

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