Letter to the Editor

Vigil takeover

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

I speak for a lot of people who were upset at the Candlelight Vigil this past Wednesday.

The Candlelight Vigil was organized by a student who knew and was close to the boys that were killed. She volunteered to have a STUDENT-led Candlelight service and had given the principal the itinerary of what the program was to be about and who was to speak; which was approved the day before the Vigil. The Vigil was NOT student-led.

Instead, it was taken completely over by the pastor and staff of New Day Fellowship Church and turned what was supposed to be a STUDENT-led Candlelight Vigil into a self serving church service suiting their own selfish religious agenda.  

When Madison Canady (Organizer) stepped to the microphone and asked if anyone would like to come down and say a few words about the boys, there were a couple of kids about to get up to walk down and the pastor of New Day went to the microphone and started preaching, therefore, taking away another opportunity for students to express their thoughts. I personally overheard one of the kids who was wanting to say something, “He didn’t even give us a chance to get down there.”

The only thing New Day Fellowship Church didn’t do during their forced upon church service was pass around the collection plates.

I feel sorry for those who weren’t allowed to express their emotions, or to share their favorite memories of Buddy and Kyle, in a public forum. This night was supposed to be for the students who were close to the boys and the teachers who had the boys in their classes. Not for New Day to put on a Jesus show.

— Chad Manus