Sheriff’s office warns of telephone scam

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office has issued a news release warning local residents of an alleged phone scam.

According to the release, the sheriff’s office is investigating reports of individuals calling persons who have been incarcerated, saying they are with an attorney’s office or a bonding company.

“The caller attempts to coerce you into downloading a ‘money app’ onto your phone, then explains how you are required to send money, or you will be arrested,” the news release says.

A legitimate bonding company will not do any business over the phone and you will never get a phone call from the sheriff’s office saying you owe money, according to the release.

The phone calls are coming from a 510 area code, the release says, but in one case the scammer used a local number.

Citizens with information about the scam are asked to contact the CCSO at 870-423-2901.

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