BV student receives literary recognition

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

By Kelby Newcomb

Berryville sophomore Brandon Robinson will soon be a published poet.

Robinson’s English teacher, Teresa Harrison, had her students write a poem about their background.

“She assigned a poem for us to do,” Robinson said. “A ‘Where I’m From’ poem. I wrote mine about my family and all the things we’ve done throughout the years.”

He said Harrison later gave them the option to submit their poems to Appelley Publishing.

“There was a little bit of prize money, so I was like ‘Maybe I can win the prize,’ ” Robinson said. “A few weeks ago, they sent me a letter saying they were going to put my poem in their book. My heart was pounding. It felt good, but I also felt nervous because I was thinking ‘Now everyone is going to read my poem.’ ”

He said his poem “Where I’m From” will be published in Appelley Publishing’s 2019 Rising Stars Collection sometime in February or March.

“They haven’t said anything about the prize money yet,” Robinson said, “but I’ll find out in February. If you get first place, there is a $500 prize. They have other prizes ranging from $25 to $150.”

Before the publication date, he said he is supposed to write a short biography to be included with his poem.

Robinson said this was his first time doing creative writing.

“I wasn’t really a writer before this,” he said. “I’m excited about it.”

He said he might consider participating in writing contests again in the future.

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