Water audit reveals leaks in ES system

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

When it comes to the city’s infrastructure, Eureka Springs is keeping its head above the water.

The Eureka Springs City Council heard from public works director Dwayne Allen on Thursday, Nov. 15, about the water audit completed in October. The audit covered 42.5 miles of water line and pinpointed nine major previously undiscovered leaks, Allen said, and very few leaks on the customer side of the meters.

The major leaks in the report have been repaired, Allen said, and the city is already seeing the benefits. During September, he said, the city purchased 1.5 million less gallons of water from the Carroll Boone Water District. Allen said the water and wastewater fund is currently running 13 percent below the anticipated budget.

“I thought we’d find leaks everywhere,” Allen said. “They didn’t find as many as I anticipated.”

So far, Allen said, the city has saved at least $14,200 through the project.

“We think we can save more water with this money, utilizing what we’re saving to keep moving,” Allen said.

Alderman Terry McClung asked if the company that performed the audit would follow up on it, and Allen said that will happen after a few billing cycles.

“They stay away 90 days to see how we’re doing,” Allen said. “It’s a never-ending battle, but those numbers are better than I thought they would be. It’s good news.”

Mayor Butch Berry said the city is eligible for a community development block grant to repair water lines from the train depot to the sewer plant.

“That’s where we’ve had a lot of leaks, a lot of problems,” Berry said. “We’re looking into a million dollar grant to repair that line down there.”

The city is also considering grants to make improvements at Black Bass Dam, Berry said.

“We’re still trying to see if we can get FEMA involved in that,” Berry said.

Allen said public works is doing its best to stop the city from losing water.

“We’re working on it as quick as we can,” Allen said.

In other business, the council completed the food truck lottery. The Basin Park Hotel won the Highway 62 spot, Travis D. Holloway of Holloway Commercial Properties won the Center Street spot and Kim Yonkee and Kendra Hughes at 2100 E. Van Buren and Dana and Jolene Lyon at 132 Huntsville Road won the 23 South spots.

The council approved a resolution offering free two-hour parking Dec. 1-31 on all on-street metered spaces between Spring and Main Streets and declared a vacancy for the council’s Ward 3, Position 2 seat, previously held by alderwoman Kristi Kendrick. Kendrick resigned in late October.

The council’s next regular meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Monday, Nov. 26, at The Auditorium.

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