How to Cook a Turkey

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Carroll County News asked third- and fourth-graders at Berryville and Green Forest schools how their families prepare the turkey on Thanksgiving day.


Mrs. Robinson’s

4th grade class

My mom cook a turkey every November. First, we go to get supplies. Next, my mom wrap it. Next, my mom put it in the over for 6 hares. Next, my mom takes it out oven. Fliney, we eat. “Yum. It is good.”

— Meadow McCarley

My dad cooks, but we don’t get supplies. He puts it in the oven for 14 minutes. Then we wait 14 minutes. Then he took it out, but we had to wait cuz it was a little hot. So we waited for 5 minutes, then we ate.

— Manuel Arrizon

When we get the turkey we put it in the oven and wait. After it is cooked, we cook mashed potatoes. Next we go to the store and get ham. We also have stuffing and put it in the over for ten minutes. After that we wait for everyone to come. At the end we put the garlic and stuff on it and eat it.

— Cashton Davidson

What’s that smell? Turkey? Yummy food! My mom makes the best turkey in the world. Do want to know how to cook the best turkey ever? Well here is how. First get your turkey. After that cook it for 1 hour in the oven at 350 degrees and check every 10 minutes. Finally carve the turkey, and you will have a good turkey. Yummy! Thanks, mom!

— Allison Brown

How to make a turkey

1. We get supplies.

2. We get the turkey out of the box.

3. Next we put it on the plate.

4. Third we get the rest of food.

5. After that we open the food.

6. Last we eat.

— Amy Gil

Every year my family gets together and makes lots of food. I know it sounds really good! My family usly makes turkey like this. First we thaw it. Next we wrap it in foil. Then we put it in the oven. Lastly we eat it!

— McKenzie McGee

Pops, are you makeing turkey? How do you git turkey, Pops? I kill it, he said. What?! Why? I won’t eat it now. Why? Pops said. Your killing my friends. Okay then, Pops said. He made pretty good turkey. He would warm it up and I would get the wishbone, but I’m not eating turkey no more gobble gobble!

— Kiley Brown

Do you know who’s the best cook? It’s my Nana Brenda Snyder. She cooks an amazing turkey for Thanksgiving. We begin with the turkey process. She gets a turkey, oil, and propane for the deep frier. Next, we clean it and put flavor in it with a syringe. Then pour oil in the frier. Then let it get hot and then put the turkey in the frier for 24-28 minutes and she checks it. Then she puts it on a big baking sheet and puts it in the over to crisp the outside crust. Last, my Papa Bill Snyder slices it into pieces and puts it on a platter. Then, enjoy it. “Mmmm that’s the best turkey ever!”

— Cooper Adams

Do you know who cooks the best turkey? My grandma! Now it takes a couple of steps. Like first, we go to the store and buy the turkey. Second, she puts all the juices in there. Then, she puts it into the oven for about a hour. After that everybody arrives! Do you wish your folks could do that?

— Andrew Griesenauer

My dad buys the turkey then cookes it to hot. I like hot because when you are cold if it something hot you’ll turn hot. First you put in oven. Second is to take it out. Third if its to hot just wait.

— Javier Zavalde

Do you like turkey? I love my Nana’s turkey. First my Nana buys a turkey. Then she sets it out to thaw. After it thaws my Nana puts it in the oven and turns the oven on. The next thing she does is wait for the turkey to cook. She checks on it a lot. After it is cooked she injects something in it and puts it in a bigger pan, then sets it on the table. Mmm, I love Nana’s Thanksgiving turkey!

— Rebecca McMillon

How do you make your Thanksgiving turkey? I cook mine in the oven. We begin with my grandma going and getting the turkey from Walmart in the freezer section. After that she stuffs it. The following step is to put the turkey in the oven for about 5 minutes. Then when it is done you take it out and then we eat. That is how I cook my turkey. Do you cook yours like mine?

— Reagan Scarrow

My grandmae makes good turkeys. I think she makes it like this. First she goes to the store and buys the turkey. Next she takes it home and grills it. Then she invites us over and we come. Then she makes lots of other food. Last we eat! And that’s how I think you can make my grandma’s turkey.

— Rhainnon Callaway

My mom is going to make our turkey this Thanksgiving. First we buy the turkey from Walmart but the turkey said “gobble please don’t eat me I’m raw and not good so make that guy.” I said “um no that’s why we are going to make you.” Second we warm up the oven and put the turkey in. Third we enjoy our turkey diner. The next Thanksgiving we’re gonna have a better turkey.

— Jemelle Adams

Pop pop! That’s my Dad roasting the turkey! I can’t wait to have the big brown, golden turkey. While I’m waiting for the turkey I’m climbing trees which I like to do. I could even smell it from here to there. So I asked my dad if we can invite people over. He said “Yes!” He called everybody. I watched movies in my room with my cousins. The turkey was almost done. I even watched it cook. I set the table ready. I had milk, turkey, green beans, mash potatoes. Then it was time for dinner.

— Samantha Barbato

My mom makes the turkey. She gets a big pen and she gets a 12 pounder turkey. First she gets the turkey. Next she does the dishes. Next she puts the turkey in the oven. Finally when it is done cooking we go to my grandma.

— Emily Sulffridge

My mom is make the turkey for Thanksgiving. Step 1: get the turkey from the store or the woods. Step 2: cooke in the oven. Step 3: take the turkey out of the oven.

— Dulce Castillo

Mrs. Mathis’

4th grade class

My family ain’t ever made a turkey for Thanksgiving, although none of my family knows that. Every year they ask my mom to make it because its so good every year. Me and my mom always go to Harps and we buy a turkey there. Then we go home, slice it and serve it. It’s true. We’ve never made a turkey.

— Kirsten Merie


My mother, sometimes my grandmother, does it. First they’ll buy one from the store. Then she puts the seasoning on like jalapeños, garlic and salsa. Then she will cover it with tin foil and let it sit for two days. Then she will put butter on it so it will get soft. Second she put it in the oven. It cooks. Then finally we eat, and I hate turkey but I finally eat.

— Wendy Alcantar

Wow dad I didn’t know you’re cooking the turkey! He bought it at Walmart. The turkey was big. We cooked it in the over. While the turkey was in the oven we made dessert. The turkey was ready. We waited 24 minutes. My dad checked the meat if it was good or I might puke everywhere. It was all good. Last, we got all our food and went to the table. I got everything organize. Then you may stuff your mouth with pumpkin pie and turkey.

— M.T. Tom

Granny was cooking the turkey for Thanksgiving. She thawed it for about 30 minutes. After that she washed it. Next she rubbed it down with butter. She cut it open with a knife. While my grandma prepped the turkey, my mom made the stuffing. Mom made the best stuffing. Unfortunately I don’t know how to make the stuffing. When Mom is done, Grandma takes the stuffing and stuffs the turkey. After she stuffs it, she sticks some little sticks in it to hold it together. She puts Mrs. Dash and other seasonings on it. Put it in the oven and turn it on. After it cooks you can eat it. Yummy! My mouth is watering by reading it.

— Maddy Martin

My grandma buys her turkey from the store. She puts stuff in our turkey. She put ours turkey in a big pot. She puts water in the pot. She has a thing that shucks up water. When the turkey is fully cooked she puts some kind of stuff that goes all over the turkey with a special kind of brush.

— Olivia Cromwell

First you buy a turkey and then thaw it out. Second find a big pan. Third put it in for hour, cut it up, pull the bones out, then put the seasoning on it. Put it in hot water. That is the boring part so I go outside, so I do not know the rest of it. But I do know that how to cut it up and eat it up.

— Carter

How does your families cook turkey? My family cooks turkey like this. First, they buy the turkey from Harps, then they go home and they get the oven ready and wait for the light to go off. Second, when the light goes off you put it in the oven and you set the timer for 20 minutes and wait. Then you check the turkey and if it’s not done then put it back in the oven for 20 more minutes. Third, after you wait 20 minutes then you take it out and eat it.

— Arionna Michelle Henry

Before Thanksgiving day, my mom goes to the store or my papa goes to the store and gets one. After that you pluck the feathers out and freeze it. After that, you thaw it and then you wash it. Make sure you strain out the blood. You cook it. You need to get the giblets out and cut off the neck. You wash it.

— Evaney

Usually my family eats chicken, but we do eat turkey too. First you go to Walmart. Go to meats and find normal turkey or wild turkey. Wild turkey is the best. It’s your choice. You can inject juice thingies. I don’t know why they put juice, but bad news. I don’t know where it is, but I have good news. You can ask a Walmart worker. That’s what they are for. Second, go to your home, open the turkey and take off all the stuff you don’t want in it.

— Luis Olmedo

“Grandma can we get that one?” “Sure we can get that one.” My grandma always cooks Thanksgiving dinner. First she gets a turkey from the store cause we do not have turkeys at our house. She lets it sit out if it’s frozen. Then she gets the seasoning. If we do not have it she will get it from the store. She will put it on the turkey.

— Sazia Santella

Even though I don’t like turkey, I’ll give you the instructions. First, we go to the store to get the turkey. Next, mom cooks the turkey.

— Joseph LaCombe

My mom makes the best turkey ever in my opinion anyway! First my mom go to Walmart to get the ingredients and the turkey. Second my mom gets all the dishes together. Then my mom makes the turkey.

— Adryenne Pineda

Green Forest

Dear Newspaper,

How my mom cooks a turkey. First she goes to the store to buy a turkey, then when she is home she goes to the kitchen. Next, my mom she get a large pot, then she put it on the stove and turn on the heat. Then my dad wakes up and go to the kitchen with my mom and my dad washes his hand and watch on the turkey or he cooks the turkey while my mom is doing the other foods for Thanksgiving. Then my mom knows when it is going to be done and my dad and when it’s done she put the rest of the foods on the table and calls me and my brother and my sister and when we forgot to wash our hands my mom always say to wash your hands. When me and my brother and sister we eat the turkey and the rest of the foods we have and my cats have to eat too on the floor or on their cat tower that my dad bought that how we celebrate and my mom cooks.

— Sincerely, Rosa

Dear Newspaper,

My family does not celebrate Thanksgiving, but my mom does cook stuff for us just like Thanksgiving. She cooks pork lot and lots for the whole family. I think how she cooks the pork is simple. I think she just puts them on the pan. Then she cooks it she wanted to make it taste better so she adds some pepper on, then our family started eating it with rice,

— Sincerely, Ca Mu Dor

Dear Newspaper,

How we celebrate Thanksgiving is we eat a feast and when we are done we play with my cousens playstation because we do it at my aunt’s house every Thanksgiving and the food we eat is turkey, ham, tamales, and probably some rice.

— Sincerely, Samuel

Dear Newspaper,

My mom makes the best Thanksgiving dinner. First she takes the turkey and puts it in the sink to thaw. Then we put it in the crockpot. Then we let it cook and wait and wait and wait. Then after it’s finished I make mashed potatoes then am finished.

— Sincerely, Alex

Dear Newspaper,

My family always makes Thanksgiving Dinner. We usually spend the holiday at my cousin’s house, and while I play with my cousins my mom and aunt make the turkey. My dad and uncles are usually watching a soccer game on TV. My aunt is very good at cooking, and so is my mom. My family will usually buy 2 turkeys for Thanksgiving. The first thing they do is wash the turkeys. Then they preheat the oven. We usually cook the turkeys for 2-3 hours. After that we will cut some lettuce wash it and then put it in a bowl. Then we will do the same thing with other vegetables. My mom calls me to pour some chips in a bowl, and my aunt calls my cousin to make the salsa. My cousin and I also set up the table. I crab the cups and my cousin crabs the kool-aid. We also grab some soda for the adults. This is how my family feasts! Yummy!

— Sincerely, Yasmin S.

Dear Newspaper,

Most people make turkey for Thanksgiving, and so do I! In my family the women cook, while the men chat in the living room. The kids run around happily. First my mom calls me to pass water to the guests. My aunt starts to the turkey so it can bake. While my mom and I preheat the oven. Once my aunt is done washing the turkey, we plop it in the oven. Next my aunt and I make rice while my mom makes nopales. Once we are done with the rice and nopales, we clean the table. My mom orders me to ask the guests what they want to drink. When I’m done I help my aunt with the salsa, and cut some vegetables. We set up the table with the rice, nopales, turkey, and salsa the most important ingredient. We snag some chairs, put down the drinks, and finally we gratefully eat the turkey. Happy Thanksgiving!

— Sincerely, Valerie F.

Dear Newspaper,

First we go to the store and buy a turkey. When my grandma gets home, she lets it thaw. When it’s done thawing, she puts it in the oven. Lets it cook then adds seasoning to it. We then set up the table, and puts all the food o it, so we can eat. Then we play games. Our family gets in a circle, and we say what we are thankful for. We go to Texas, or Wisconsin, and have Thanksgiving with some friends, and family that are there. One thing I am thankful for is my family.

— Sincerely, Cadie

Dear Newspaper,

How my mom cooks a turkey. First, we kill the turkey. Then, we skin it. Finally, we roast it over the fire. Sometimes we buy the turkey at the Berryville Walmart. She cooks it in the kitchen. First, we chop it up. Then, we cook it in the oven. Finally, we eat the turkey on Thanksgiving. When Thanksgiving comes think about how you want to cook your turkey!

— Sincerely, Dane Wyatt

Dear Newspaper,

How I celebrate Thanksgiving is by having a turkey, ham, and gravy and mashed potatoes. I love Thanksgiving because it is a fun holiday to celebrate.

— Sincerely, Darrell

Dear Newspaper,

This is how my aunt cooks a turkey. First we go to Walmart to buy a turkey. Then we wash a pan about 4 inches long right to left and 6 inches up and down. Than we put a half cup of water in the pan. Then we put it in the oven. Than, we wait about 30 minutes. Then we take it out of the oven. Then we put butter on it. Finally we get to eat Thanksgiving dinner. That’s how my aunt cooks a turkey.

— Sincerely, Richard

Dear Newspaper,

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. My favorite dish that is on the table is our pecan pie. On Thanksgiving morning my mom wakes my brother and I to help make the pie. My mom gives us a paper with all the ingredients. Half cup of Karo light syrup, half cup Karo dark syrup, 3 eggs, 2 tablespoons of butter, 1 cup of sugar, 1 and a half cup of pecans, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract. After we gather all our ingredients, my mom preheats the oven to 350 degrees. She has already made the dough for the pie crust. First, we stir both syrups, eggs, sugar, butter, and vanilla extract together. Then, I pour in the crispy brown pecans and mix them together. Next, my mom will gently place the delicious pie in to the middle rack and bakes it for about 40 minutes. Finally, she takes out the pie and covers the crust of the pie with foil. The pie bakes it for about 30 more minutes. My brother and I head to the couch and watch TV while the pie is baking. When the timer goes off I run to the kitchen to see how it turned out. The golden crust, crispy golden pecans are scattered around the pie. By the end of Thanksgiving dinner the entire pie is empty, not a crumb is left. Thanksgiving is one of the best family times of the year!

— Sincerely,

Jasmine Cenobio

Dear Newspaper,

Somethings I do on Thanksgiving is, we have family activities. My family plays cornhole, and we go on hay rides, also my family will play board games. Other things we do on Thanksgiving is we travel, we go to Springfield, Illinois because my aunt, cousin, grandma, and grandpa live there. Other things we do is eat food, some things we eat is ham, turkey, rolls, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, stuffing, sparkling cider, lots and lots pie, and fruits. Last but not least, a tradition that we have is, everyone can sit where they want but, we have to say a prayer and say what we are thankful for. Also, a memory that I have is, when it was time to play cornhole, I went to throw the bing bag and then, “SWOOSH” I hit my brother in the face. Then he started to chase me around the yard. I came to a stop because I was out of breath, then he tackled me. Everyone was laughing at him. When I came back to the fire pit, one of my brothers gave me a high five, because he was happy I hit my brother in the face. Later, I went to the house and then I tripped and everyone started to laugh. I still love Christmas more!

— Sincerely, Vivian

Dear Newspaper,

The way my mom makes a turkey is the best way to cook one. First, she cleans it, and takes the wishbone out. When she gets those things done, she puts the turkey in the oven. When the turkey is done, she puts seasoning on it, then she makes all the other things that we have on Thanksgiving like mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing, and sweet potatoes. When she’s ready she sets the food up on our table and we say a prayer. After we eat dinner, we go to my mom’s friend’s house. We spend about 2 hours there to give her leftovers, and we head back home. When we get home I throw a football with my stepdad for at least 30 minutes. After everything is put away and cleaned we go back inside to watch a football game on our TV. I love Thanksgiving greatly.

— Sincerely, Jacob

Dear Newspaper,

I want to tell you how I celebrate Thanksgiving. My mom makes some tamales. She start doing some masa for the tamales. After she is done with the masa she put cook chicken inside of the masa. Then she put in these salsa inside the masa with the cook chicken. After she puts it in a clean big leaf. She wraps it up, and put it in hot boiling water. After you put it in the boiling hot water you need to wait for about maybe 4-5 hours for it to cook. After you are doing cooking you need to take it out, and let it cool for a few minutes. Then you can enjoy your food. Also we get to play “Make the ball into the hole” that’s how I call it at least. The rules are you need 4 balls to play. Then the hole need 1-2 feet deep. Then you need 3-5 players to play or 2-3 players. The first has 4 chances to be play. If you make one ball in you get 10 points. You need to get about 30 points to be a winner. If you win you get to have a free candy or slime. You can play until you want to. If you wont you have 3 winners. If you won’t, but if you don’t want to. All of the people have to agree about it. Thanksgiving is to have fun and be grateful for what you have. I love Christmas even more than any other holiday.

— Sincerely, Veronica

Dear Newspaper,

My cousin comes every Thanksgiving so like a whole family. But in my family we do a kind of soup that sometimes with Thanksgiving food like turkey or rice. The second food is the corn the corn is one of my favorite vegetables. The third food I’m going to talk about is the rice sometimes my mom makes soup with rice, it is marvelous. The last Thanksgiving, my cousin came to my house for Thanksgiving we ate turkey, and my dad let me and my cousin play outside. Me and my brother played heroes vs villains, my cousin was the villain it’s a game that’s you pick a superhero and you pretend you are fight villain and its pretty good game. So next time I will do the same thing over and over again.

— Sincerely,

Antony Serrano Gomez

Dear Newspaper,

My family usually goes to my grandmas house to celebrate Thanksgiving. This year we aren’t going to her house this year because she is going to go to Tennessee. So we are probably going to my other grandma’s house to celebrate the wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving. We bought a turkey to eat on Thanksgiving but I heard that wild turkey is better tasting than a regular turkey. You must know that Thanksgiving is about being with your family. You would experience the wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday of the year because every time I go to my grandpa’s house he always gives me one thing that is special to him and now it is special to me. As i told you a little bit back in the letter that wild turkey is better than regular turkey so we went hunting. We looked for a wild turkey for at least half an hour. Once we saw one, my dad shot it. So when we got home my dad said he will cook it. My mom said that she will make mash potatoes n gravy. I will be going to my other grandma’s house because my other grandma that I was supposed to visit she will be in Tennessee. We will be doing some fun activities. The holiday Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year to be with your family and friend.

— Sincerely,

Brandon Perez

Dear Newspaper,

I love how we all came together on Thanksgiving. I love that we have dinner. And go to pumpkin patches that is my favorite thing to do. I am just blessed to have this family with me. And that is why I love Thanksgiving. My dad always says “Thanksgiving is not about always eat that is not what it is about it is about giving thanks for the family that you have.” Thanksgiving is my 2nd favorite my 1st is Christmas but I am talking about Thanksgiving. What we eat is mac & cheese, turkey, bread, and beans. My family usually goes to my ants house but we are not going this year I have no idea why we are not going this year. There are many reasons why Thanksgiving is my 2nd favorite holiday. One reason is that I get to see family that I have not seen in a long time. Also, I get to eat a lot of food with my family and I love it. I remember when we all came together and had a big fest there was candy, lights. It was awesome!

— Sincerely, Joshua

Dear Newspaper,

During Thanksgiving I always go to my grandma’s house. We always go and play outside for about 15 minutes until it’s time to eat the superb Thanksgiving turkey. All of the grown-ups eat in the living room, and all the kids eat in the playroom. Every time that we bring are bikes, we ride down the bumpy road. My family is HUGE! We take up the whole house! Thanksgiving is to give thanks and grace. Every time there is no food left over for anyone else. To make the turkey my dad would get an turkey from the shop or butterball, then he brings the turkey to the house so he could chop the turkey into pieces. Every year we make a huge pile of leaves then takes turns to cannonball into the whomping amount of leaves. The pile is always big enough to hold about 5 kids in it! I love Thanksgiving. No matter what happens my family will always stay together. I am thankful for my family.

— Sincerely,

Hudson Norris

Dear Newspaper,

For Thanksgiving my grandma and I cook turkey, mashed potatoes, pie, cookies, prime rib, and fruit salad. And we play with my cousin. My mom cooks steak, green bean casserole, chicken, ham, and ice cream. When I go to my dads house we cook turkey, and ham, sometimes we cook deer meat, mashed potatoes, pie. Sometimes we play outside until the food is done cooking.

— Sincerely,

Hunter Atchley

Dear Newspaper,

What my family does for Thanksgiving break is that my mom make certain type of traditional food in my place when I was born in she would even make big plate of food then after when where would go to the park and play for twenty minutes what I am thankful for my mom and dad because they take care of me all the time. After that sometimes relative from different places come for Thanksgiving they stay for three days then all children get to play then the next day we go to a random pace like the lake our the zoo this day we went to the zoo we saw a lot of animals brides lion and monkey after.

— Sincerely, Holy Nice

Dear Newspaper,

My name is Suly and this is how my I celebration Thanksgiving. First, we drive to our aunts house. Then, we wait for a few days til it’s Thanksgiving. So we wake up to make turkey, mash potatoes, corn, ham, and buy hawaiian bread at 8:00 a.m. Then we make all the food and sometimes I would help. After we would tell everybody it was time for Thanksgiving dinner. Then we would all sit down at the table and we take turns saying things that we are thankful for. While we eat our food, we take turns talking about how our summer went. After we’re done eating we pick up all the dishes and clean the table. Then we would all watch a movie that everybody agrees on and last year we agreed on “Home Alone” it was a amazing movie. Later, after the movie we play a game. We usually either choose war or uno. We all picked war so we were playing and my cousin Lily was winning, but then my uncle Hector was winning. They ended up losing who who won was my cousin Anthony. Lastly we would brush our teeth and say goodnight to everybody. That is how I spend my Thanksgiving.

— Sincerely, Suly Deleon

Dear Newspaper,

I enjoy Thanksgiving break because we celebrate it with our church. We don’t really have a tradition, but we do celebrate having fun together. Sometimes, we cook a turkey. And sometimes we go outside to play in the leaves while our parents cook. How I saw them cook it was first they added some salt and pepper inside the turkey. And then half a lemon, onion, and garlic and then they put it in the oven for 5 hours and 20 minutes. And then we eat it once it was done. That is why I like Thanksgiving.

— Sincerely,

Elsy Marroquin

Dear Newspaper,

Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday, to Christmas. Although there are many things I like about Thanksgiving. During Thanksgiving, we all gather and pick a name out of a hat, and then we have to buy that person a gift to get ready for Christmas. I also love the food. My favorite the green bean casserole and pumpkin bread. I can never choose what to eat first, but I always get two plates, so I just switch everytime. I have lots of things that I love to do on Thanksgiving but here is my favorite. Every year I plan something special to do with my cousins for some reason it is either a craft or a contest. This year it is going to be a show and tell. Even though it is going to be very cold I will still have a fun sleep over with them. We always have Thanksgiving at my house because if we didn’t, my great grandparents wouldn’t be able to get into our house. We always deep dry our turkey. My favorite dessert is cherry pie. As you can see, my Thanksgiving is going to be very fun, exciting and yummy.

— Sincerely, Hailey

Dear Newspaper,

On Thanksgiving we spend lots of time together at a restaurant. It is fun. Then we write about somebody in our family that we are thankful for. After that, we go shopping. We go home and cut the stomach open. Then turkey then take out the inside part. Wash it, and cook the meat well, and put it on a clean big plate and stuff the turkey. We set up the dinner and eat. It is delicious!!!

— Sincerely, Gay Par

Dear Newspaper,

I enjoy Thanksgiving break because this year I am going to both of my uncles house. We are going over there because we haven’t seen any of them for over three years. It’s going to be a long trip because they both live in Texas. But they live about four hours away from each other which is going to be even longer for us. My favorite dish of Thanksgiving is salad, because it is healthy. I like it because I don’t get fat with that food and I don’t think that it has that much calories. In fact, I don’t want to be like my dog and she is really fat but energetic. I can’t wait until Thanksgiving break because I’m finally eat salad with my cousins, aunts, and uncles.

— Sincerely, Abisai Reyes

Dear Newspaper,

Today I will talk about how we prepare the Thanksgiving turkey. We take the turkey from freezer, and lay it on the dishwasher, and leave it there for a while. Then we cover it up with butter, and make a juice that will make it a little juice when you cook. The juice is made of orange, spices, a little bit of comino, and the secret ingredient, vegetables. We inject it to put it in the oven. That’s how we make Thanksgiving turkey.

— Sincerely, Karla

Dear Newspaper,

Today, I am going to tell you my tradition of my Thanksgiving day. My nanny gives all of my family a hug and the rest of the family does too, and we go outside and play tag with our cousins, and then we go back inside and we eat ham, chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, pumpkin, pie, turkey, corn, green bean, casserole, candied yams, and cheese cake. How I prepare my turkey is we put the oven on 325 degrees and defrost the turkey and then we get a big pan and put onion, celery, and carrots and put turkey into the pan on top of the vegetables. In the roasting pan, we combine salt, blake pepper cayenne pepper in a bowl and stir it and put it on the turkey and then, put it in the over. After I eat, I play with my cousins and my sister. Then we give our family a huge and then we go home.

— Sincerely,

Jaliegh Jo Elizabeth Kaler

Dear Newspaper,

My tradition in my family is going to my grandma’s house and meet up with my whole family. My family and I always take a dish to eat with everyone. All of the kids go outside and play, but inside all the adults prepare for the big dinner! The kids usually play soccer or basketball. My mom makes the mashed potatoes. First my mom cooks the potatoes. When they’re done cooking she starts smashing them, and adds a little bit of salt. She also makes the turkey. She puts some kind of sauce on it, and puts it in the oven. Hours later she takes the turkey and mashed potatoes to my grandma’s house. Once the dinner is prepared, everyone meets at the table. My favorite dish is the turkey and mashed potatoes with gravy. The turkey is so soft and mashed potatoes with gravy fitting in perfectly. This is my Thanksgiving tradition every year.

— Sincerely,

Alexander Lemus

Dear Newspaper,

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday to hang out with family. I like Thanksgiving because we get to eat a lot of turkey and ham. Also, my mom makes the turkey delicious. My mom deep fried in a hot boiling water and puts garlic, salt, and lemon pepper. All of my family gets together and goes to my grandpa’s house. After all the food is ready, we say grace and eat. When we are done eating, we have dessert. All the family plays games until ten, then we go home. My favorite dishes to eat is ham, turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, and toasted bread. When we eat, we make funny jokes and laugh all the time. My mom makes turkey, ham, yam, toasted bread, cherry pie, and mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving meal.

Sincerely, Andres Garza

Dear Newspaper,

My aunt bakes her turkey by roasting it and putting stuffing in it, and baking it for about 10-12 minutes. Then she makes the other food that we’re going to eat. Cherry pie is my favorite of all. Meanwhile, my aunt started to put up fall decorations, like pumpkins, scarecrows, and fall leaves. After that she gets the turkey and puts it on a plate. Then she gets all the food on the table and waits until the whole family gets there. We celebrate outside so we can play in the bounce house, so when we’re done eating we could have fun while we celebrate Thanksgiving. Last of all, we enjoy the rest of the day celebrating Thanksgiving and eating cherry pie.

— Sincerely, Jesus Rivera

Dear Newspaper,

A Thanksgiving tradition my family and I do is to go to my grandma’s house. My mom and aunts each bring a dish of yummy food, and my grandma makes the turkey. My older cousin buys ice cream which is the dessert. Every cousin goes to play outside, but I stay in because the smell of the wonderful food. I help to cook or prepare the big meal. What I help with is to bring every ingredient for the turkey, like garlic, salt, and oregano. Hours past, we finally begin eating the meal. After the meal, we go watch TV since it is too dark to go outside. Then we eat dessert that the kids think took so long. This is what we do for Thanksgiving.

— Sincerely, Lisbet Rosales

Dear Newspaper,

On Thanksgiving, we visit our family or our cousins, or they come visit us. We prepared the turkey on the table so we all can eat. The dads are sometimes cutting the turkey so we don’t cut our hands. Moms are not the only ones who wash the dishes, all adults, teenagers, and kids have to wash their own dishes. Sometimes they don’t they just leave they’re dishes in the sink. Before we eat the turkey, one of the pastors have to pray for the food that we prepared. It’s important to pray first before you eat. Thanksgiving is a special tradition. We sometimes bring our favorite foods to our Thanksgiving tradition. We bring ham, sushi, and more. We sometimes celebrate Thanksgiving at our church because more people can come and eat with us. Most people from Springdale, Berryville, Green Forest, come to celebrate with us. We bring all kind of drinks and put in them the cooler to be cold. In our way we eat foods with our hands or with spoons. I know it’s really weird but that’s how we eat. When we eat at the church, we bring tables, chairs, and covers for the table so it doesn’t get dirty. On Thanksgiving, we bring a lot of food to the church, so we have enough food for the people that came to celebrate with us. After celebrating, kids help the teenagers and the kids to clean.

— Sincerely, Jemima

Dear Newspaper,

On Thanksgiving our family like to cook turkey because it is a special day. Sometimes, we celebrate at church so it can fair for everybody and sometimes we celebrate my sister’s birthday on Thanksgiving. Sometimes, we go to my uncle’s house to have Thanksgiving. We all love Thanksgiving. Turkey is so good. Turkey it is so very yummy. I feel like I live in Eureka Spring. Sometime we love to go to my grandma’s house because she or my grandpa cooks turkey for us. She put barbecue she put it in the oven for a minute. Sometime my mom has to work on Thanksgiving because she is the boss.

­­— Sincerely, Milanica Ankien

Dear Newspaper,

On Thanksgiving I want to go to Silver Dollar City and go to visiting and celebrate my birthday go to be 10. And the best day ever they are my mom and my dad but I think and I hope that they buy me a newborn puppy in my birthday and that I want a bible so I can read about what God did for us and he is perfect and nobody can bet you and that we and that me mom makes perfect turkey and is cool and nice so I cannot wait until I turn 10. I will play on my tablet and play in Galveston in my birthday and I will be the happiest in the world. And I will talk about my tradition my is that I need to cook. This is why I like Thanksgiving.

— Sincerely, Cesar Martin

Dear Newspaper,

I love Thanksgiving because we go eat turkey with my family end I help my dad to do homework to my dad. To my mom I go to the walmart end my brother we play soccer we is better than me. And we eat ice cream end my dad said can we play a walmart with my brothr and my dad said we can go fishin with my friend and my brother we all the time we play fifa only because my dad said we to play fifa? I have a xbox 360 my dad buy for me and my brother and my brother play with me? Next time with my brother we play with my phone and my brother we play fifa and I old the the time I wind be he is better not than my.

— Sincerely, Sergio Tevalan

Dear Newspaper,

For Thanksgiving, I go to my cousins house for a night in Vilonia, Arkansas. Our family from Arkansas come, but we are the first one to show up. We roast the turkey and I buy chocolate pie. A tradition for me and my cousin, is we plan an attack on his older sister, but they always win. They win by they lock the door once we give up, we go eat. It’s gone by noon. Are parents get all most none but when the rest of the family gets there the hole kitchen is full of food after we are done eating. We play on the ps4 until I go home at 9:00 p.m.

­— Sincerely, Adin Kauffman

Dear Mr. Turkey,

Have you ever kissed your babies goodbye? First of all, they are going to hunt you and grab you by the feet. Then, they are going to grab you from your home and catch you with a net. Now that they are going to put you in the truck and drive you home. So now in the garage and close the garage and take out all your feathers and cut off your head. Then, they are going to wash you in the sink. Now they are going to put you in the pan. For example, their going to put salt on you and cut your fat belly and then take your guts out. Next, they are going to put bread in your belly. Now, they are going to turn on the over to 100 degrees and about 30 minutes. They are going to shove you in the oven and it’s going to burn like you’re in lava! After that they are going to grab you and put you on the table. You are going to be surrounded by some robust people. They are going to cut you with a knife and put you on there plates. They, they are going to gobble you up. When they are done eating, you will be nothing but bones.

— Sincerely, Madilina Laidren

Dear Mr. Turkey,

Have you ever imagined what will happen to you on Thanksgiving? First they will hunt you down and they they will shoot you with a shotgun. Secondly they will dip you in boiling water and pluck out all your feathers. Then they will take you tot he field where they will pull out all your eerie guts. In the kitchen they will stuff your sparse body with sage, rosemary, thyme, parsley, salt, pepper, and fresh veggies. Then they will cover your skin with a bucket of melted butter, turkey juice, and more seasonings. Also then they will put you in the oven at 325 degrees for six wary hours. And then they will say grace. They will feast on your savory meat and sides, like ham, pie, macaroni, pasta, crackers, mashed potatoes, and cooked vegetables. After that you won’t want to know what happens next. This might sound devious but it’s true. So you better run at an exhilarating speed to get away from them.

— Your friend, Broan Hartsell

Dear Mr. Turkey,

How you even wonder what humans do to you on Thanksgiving? Mr. Turkey have you ever wonder if you taste delicious? Well on Thanksgiving humans are going to your house and stab you with an arrow. Once they stab you, you are going to wake up in an eerie house. The humans are going to ask you questions. For example, do you like pizza? Then they are going to take you out of the chair, and bring you to the picturesque kitchen. Soundly we are going to open you up, and pull out your guts out. Then we are going to take out your impeccable feathers, and we are going to put you in a sparse pan. Then we are going to put sauce on and put lettuce around you. Lastly, we are go to put you in an oven for 20 minutes and the degrees are 271.9. After that we are going to put you on a fancy table and eat you up.

Your killer, Suleydi Deleon

Dear Mr. Turkey,

Have you even had a bad feeling about Thanksgiving? First of all, you better run because some hunters are hunting you down! Secondly, the hunters are going to take you home and pluck all your feathers. Also, they are going to cut your head of and then they are going to stuff you with stuffing. Then, when you are dead they are going to butter you up and throw you in the dark eerie over that is 50 degrees. After 30 minutes are up they will take you out and put you on a long table. Next, you are going to be cut up and be put on everyone’s sparse plates. Last but not least, your worst nightmare will happen! You will be gobbled up by devious humans! So you better run and hide before we get you, and we will cook you for Thanksgiving dinner.

Love, Chyanne Castillo

Dear Mr. Turkey,

Do you have a lot of meat? First, we are going to shoot you in the head. Then we’re going to pull out your feathers. Your eyes were bulging when we shot you. I wonder how we are going to put you in the car? I was wary to touch it, so we put you in the back seat of the car. It was eerie to sit by you. I just wanted to jump out of the car, but something was holding me back. When we got home and take out your guts it will feel slimy. My brothers were laughing at me, so I chased them. They screamed their heads off. My dad grabbed my arm, and brought me back. First we will get a pan and put you in it then we will put season on you. We will slap butter on you and leave you in the oven for an hour. Then the timer will beep, and we will take you out. You look juicy and smelled good to. I wanted to eat you right now, but you were not ready yet. They put juice on you that smelled good. We had leaves on the table. It was time to eat you! I was about to dig in, but we had to say prayers we said “Thank you God for letting us have this meal, amen.” My mom was cutting you up and I was drooling. I licked my lips like a hungry wolf and gobbled you up.

Your friend, Anjelina O. Figueroa

Dear Mr. Turkey,

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you died? Unbelievably, you will be hunted down until you get shot in the neck with a gun. They will pluck your feathers and wash them for their children. Now they will put you in a rugged truck and take you to the KITCHEN. When you are in the eerie chicken they will cut you open all devious like, and take all your guts OUT! Next they will fill you up and season you with onion powder until you get in the sizzling hot oven that is 200 degrees. During your 1 hour time in the oven I will set up a picturesque plate for your freshly cooked body ready to be eaten. When you get out of the oven my mom will put you on a plate with some smashed potatoes and cron so I can stuff you in my stomach. Now please remember that either way if you try to run I will still devour you.

Your murderer, Jessica Fernandezdelara

Dear Mr. Turkey,

Have you ever had a robust person try to kill you? We are going to try to eat you. You think humans are daft and devious for killing your family members each year, but it’s because we like to eat your yummy meat, turkeys, for Thanksgiving. After we hunt you we will take out your guts. We will pluck the feathers and get ready to cook you. Then, we will take you to the kitchen and set the oven to warm up to 350. Then I will put you in the pan with the stuffing and butter. I will try to put you in the oven for 45 minutes. Finally, when you are doing cooking we will say our prayer and then eat you. Then, we will play games.

Sincerely, Bowen

Dear Mr. Turkey,

How you ever thought what is coming for you? Well first we are going to hunt for you. Second, all of you maybe scared and thinking were devious. Then we are going to shoot you in the neck. After that you are going home with us. When we get home you are going in a hot pot. Your feathers will start to fall. Maybe you will be bulging at your feathers cause they’re falling. Besides we will take all your feathers anyways. Time to take your feathers to my favorite part! Also we will put you my mom’s secret ingredients. Like salt and something that only my mom knows. Anyway, then my mom will put you in the over for 1 hour at 201 degrees. After you are nice and golden we add the final ingredients! Like salad and stuff, finally it will be time to put you on a nice plate and put you on the table. Lastly we eat you piece by piece. Anyway, thank you for hearing my story hope you enjoy! Before you go to table well see ya in Thanksgiving.

Your dear friend, Kayle Lopez

Dear Mr. Turkey,

Have you ever kissed your babies goodbye? Turkey, watch out for the robust people with guns because they’re going to kill you and put you in a bag. First, we shave your body and burn your hair. Then we are going to stuff you with some delicious stuffing. Second, we put some sauce on you and put soy and onions around you. Then we put you in the oven for 370.7 degrees so that you would be really impeccable! Then we will take you out by 30 minutes or 1 hour. Sorry to say this but I will eat you with sauce, mash potato and fish. Then we are going to eat you up till you are in my stomach.

From your killer, Berdon Umwech

Dear Mr. Turkey,

Do you know what your fate will become? Well, I’m going to show you when I meet you. I am in the woods, and I am on my way to pick you up. I am behind you right now in the bush at the right. We are about to get you, but I think the bugs are getting me. “BAM!” My dad just shot you with a sniper. We went to pick you up on the floor to put you in the car. When we finally got home, my dad first plucked your feathers in the kitchen, but I was about to die of boredom so I went to the living room. When my dad was done plucking you he gave you to my mom so she could cut you open so we could stuff you with mouth watering potatoes, lemon, and bread. To top if off she put a little bit of pepper. Finally my mom warmed up the oven, then she put you in the oven for 20 minutes with 80 degrees. After 20 minutes you looked fantastic. Then we set you on the table. Finally we said our prayers, and I got to eat your leg and I was honored to eat it. By the way where do you live?

Sincerely, Hsee Taw

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