Letter to the Editor

An open request

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

To Whom It May Concern

This is an open request to my elected officials of Carroll County to do the right thing and act upon serving per written request for Randy Mayfield to surrender his resignation and officiating capacity as Sheriff, following his “appalling abhorrent bigoted remark” toward District 3 JP Lamont Richie Eureka Springs.Prosecuting Attorney and County Judge “do have the authority” to implement this.

Gentleman, shame on you for not implementing a non-partisan non-bias Independent Investigation with the Arkansas State Police when this first spilled out on Monday October 15, 2018 per JP Lamont Richie’s statement during JP comments or prior after receiving his complaint of “Misconduct Per Sheriff” via his e-mail. This shows a real lack of leadership and/or a dismissive mindset that it will “all just go away and be forgotten” after December 31,2018 when both Mayfield and Richie’s terms end. Question: How is an apology sufficient? Neither what was described in the news as a “personal tit for tat matter” stated by Deputy P.A. Allgood?

Act 93 of 1967 The Arkansas Freedom of Information Act; commonly known as “FOIA” or “The Peoples Law” served our local Carroll County News paper managing editor Scott Loftis well in presenting an investigative truth to the incident; bottom-line a denial equals a “lie” when Mayfield’s bigoted remark is on CCSO video! You got caught sir, now you have to attempt to rectify by your written apology documented on the editorial page. Well, I as a concerned citizen “Do not, do not accept!” Resign without a severance package.

I contacted AR Attorney General, AR Sheriffs Association, AR Association of Counties,Civil Rights Division U.S. Dept. of Justice Washington D.C., AR State Police, AR Commission on Law Enforcement Standards-Training, and even though they could not directly help, each indicated “leadership of disciplinary action begins at local level: Prosecuting Attorney and County Judge. Gentleman, serve Mayfield, his termination notice!

I have a few more contacts to make: the Corruption Division Unit Federal Bureau of Investigation, ACLU of AR and perhaps the Anti-Defamation League. Why, because that is the honorable action to take for JP Lamont Richie whom served tirelessly for our county.

I look forward to your communication in this matter. 


Lisa Price-Backs

Concerned Citizen

Berryville, Carroll County, Arkansas