2018 Election Results

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Carroll County Judge Sam Barr was re-elected Tuesday, defeating Green Forest Mayor Charlie Reece.

Former Berryville police officer Jim Ross was elected sheriff over Carroll County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Mark Bailey, and Connie Doss unseated longtime County Clerk Jamie Correia.

Makita Williams was elected county treasurer over Kathryn Merry.

Eureka Springs Mayor Butch Berry was re-elected over challengers Theodore Cottingham and Mike Seals.

Jerry Carlton was elected mayor of Green Forest, defeating Nestor Rivera.

Following are unofficial final totals for local races.

County Offices

County Judge

Sam Barr (D) 4,663

Charlie Reece (R) 4,269


Jim Ross (R) 5,410

Mark Bailey (D) 3,539

County Clerk

Connie Doss (R) 4,815

Jamie Correia (D) 4,113


Makita Williams (R) 5,742

Kathryn Merry (D) 3,164

Justice of the Peace

District 3

Laurie “Harrie” Farrow (D) 733

Ferguson Stewart (R) 369

District 4

Marty Johnson (R) 657

Doug Hausler (D) 267

District 7

Kellie Stevens-Matt (R) 611

Colin Stimson (D) 184



Jerry Carlton 310

Nestor Rivera 132

City Council

Ward 1, Position 2

Joyce Varner-Kolb 286

Jorge Diaz 148

Ward 2, Position 1

Carroll Smith 318

Renee Gonzalez 119

Ward 2, Position 2

Pamela Norton 302

Marvin Emmons 136



Butch Berry 514

Theodore Cottingham 284

Mike Seals 174

City Council

Ward 1, Position 2

Susan Harman 547

Caitlin Branaman 371

Ward 2, Position 1

Melissa Greene 590

James DeVito 362

Ward 3, Position 1

Terry McClung 505

Joyce Knowles 453

Ward 3, Position 2

Harry Meyer 498

Eric Knowles 436


State Senate District 5

Bob Ballinger (R) 4,514

Jim Wallace (D) 3,147

Lee Evans (L) 259

Note — These are results from Carroll County only, not the entire district.

State House of Representatives

District 97

Harlan Breaux (R) 3,186

Gary Morris (D) 2,724

Note — These are results from Carroll County only, not the entire district.

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