Letter to the Editor

Native Plant Garden Project

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

If you missed last weekend at the Native Plant Garden Project, please make plans to attend the next event. The booths were full of plants, a table of pamphlets, books, raffles and so many gardeners that took the time to answer question after question. The highlight of our morning happened to be the horticulturist from Crystal Bridges, Cody George. He had a delightful presentation on our Arkansas soils, trees, vegetation and how to deal with the rocks in our area. His humor and obvious love of his career was enjoyable. The story of his grandmother and how he began his career was priceless!

Thank you Native Plant Garden Project, Eureka Springs Community Center and especially Faith and Glenda for the time spent looking over my rock beds. Watching these two women view and converse over my rock beds made me think of Fairy Garden Mothers. They would throw Asarum canadense, Stylophorum diphyllum and Gentiana andresii as though it was a language I should understand. Native planting will save our butterflies, habitats for bees and help us use fewer chemicals. Use simple pine straw instead of mulch and clean your flower beds and dead head in March. Go out and start digging or busting up your rock to start your garden or call Faith Shah or Glenda Moore at 314-464-0626 for your personal consultation from two Native Master Naturalists.

Laura Covington