Letter to the Editor

Do your job!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

The “good ole boy” attitude in Carroll County has gone on way too long. Magnetic Road is a heavily traveled road. It has been over two years since the leaves and logs from broken trees have been cleaned out from the ditch. This causes water to run across the road and wash out our driveways. Every time this happens, it costs us at least $500 to fix the issues and told this is not a county issue. We have begged the County Judge’s office to get this cleaned out. I had to send photos of dead trees hanging over Magnetic Road and a threat to turn this in to the proper authorities if property was damaged or someone was hurt. Over two years ago, a tree fell across the road. We personally cut the limbs with a chainsaw and got them out of the road. The judge’s office was contacted and the limbs and logs are still there. On the night of Friday 7/7/17, yes 2017, a tree fell across Magnetic up toward the Passion Play entrance. The tree was not removed until the following Monday and interrupted business due to “road closed” signs being placed at both ends of Magnetic. When our road was repaved, I called Barr and told him the transitions on our driveways were too steep and needed to be fixed for a smoother transition on to my property, the way they were before it was paved. I was told all we do is complain, told I was rude and hung up on. These complaints have come from neighboring property owners also, with no avail. This is really simple, do your job! We have an opportunity to make some changes in our county in November. I hope each of you will get out and vote and rid our county of the self-proclaimed “Dixiecrat.” Vote for a more professional person who listens to citizen issues.


Alvin Byrd

Carroll County TaxPayer

Eureka Springs