Letter to the Editor

Sheriff’s statement

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

To the citizens of Carroll County,

I have worked very hard these past four years to make the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department the most diverse agency in the county as far as race, gender, sexual orientation and age. My actions and associations in both my professional and personal life demonstrate how out of character the use of a derogatory term is for me. Having said that, during a recent confidential meeting with department heads a proposed county ordinance was discussed. This ordinance would place all control and operations of dispatch under the County Judge instead of the County Sheriff which, in my opinion, would be detrimental to emergency communications in Carroll County. The proposed county ordinance would not take effect until 2019 after my term expires and if passed, the current dispatch supervisor would be able to maintain her job even if her husband, who has been deemed a “Brady Cop,” were to win the upcoming Carroll County Sheriff’s election. After the conclusion of one meeting and before the start of another a heated debate took place between myself and two department heads about this matter and in that debate, I used an inappropriate word to describe a county official. When first confronted I denied making this remark since that is not my belief or character but it has been brought to my attention I, in fact, did say it. I would like to publicly extend a humble apology to Mr. Lamont Richie and all of the citizens of Carroll County for my inappropriate comment and momentary loss of professionalism. It is my sincerest hope as I finish the end of my term that my lapse in judgment will have no ill effect on the dedicated employees, peers or the citizens of this county.

— Randy Mayfield