Beloved Myrtie Mae’s employee recovering after car accident

Friday, October 19, 2018

Myrtie Mae’s waitress Molly Herndon Pinkley is getting better after being injured in a two-vehicle accident on Oct. 17.

Abbie Miller, who works with Pinkley at Myrtie Mae’s, said Pinkley was airlifted to Washington Regional Hospital on Wednesday morning. Pinkley’s injuries include broken ribs, facial fractures, several broken vertebrae, a lacerated liver and a possibly broken wrist and arm, according to Miller.

“She’s got a bunch of broken ribs and her body is really bruised,” Miller said.

Miller said she’s worked with Pinkley for 38 years, saying Pinkley has worked at Myrtie Mae’s for nearly 50 years. Everyone knows Pinkley, Miller said, and everyone loves her.

“She is always very good to her customers, and they always come back and ask for Molly,” Miller said.

In the winter, Miller said, some employees can’t get to work because of inclement weather. That’s when they call Pinkley, she said.

“Molly never once turned down to work. She would work rain, sleet or snow,” Miller said. “She got there early in the morning and did the work other people wouldn’t do, and she wouldn’t leave until the last person left for the day.”

It’s a miracle Pinkley is still alive, Miller said, considering how bad the accident was.

“She’s doing better, and she’s going to get better. She’ll be back on her feet and back to work before we know it,” Miller said. “We hope and pray she will be. She’s not out of the woods yet, so she does need the community’s prayers.”

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