GF making an out-of-state trip

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Green Forest is going out of state for its second game of the year. On Friday night, the Tigers will travel to Commerce, Okla. — hometown of legendary baseball player Mickey Mantle.

"I lived up in southwest Missouri and would go over to Oklahoma and watch a lot of football at NEO (Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College) and different high schools,” Green Forest coach Bobby Bishop said. “It's exciting for me. It's something different. They like sports up there. They play good sports up in northeast Oklahoma. We are looking forward to going up there."

While Commerce is an out-of-state opponent, Bishop said it has been easy scouting them.

"They look a lot like us," Bishop said. "They run a little more Pro-I and slot-I than I do, but they are a 4-2-5 defense like we are. We resemble each other quite a bit. They have 13 seniors and we have 13 seniors. They are the Tigers just like us. Only difference is they are blue and we are red."

Green Forest committed five turnovers in last Friday's loss against Yellville-Summit. Four of those were fumbles.

"We designated a segment of our practice yesterday to ball security," Bishop said. "Just tried to focus on taking care of the football. But then we gave up an interception and an onside kick, too. When you do that, it's hard to win a football game."

There is a good chance of rain when the ball is kicked off Friday night, but Bishop isn't too concerned about that.

"It won't affect our play-calling a whole lot," Bishop said. "We are going to try to run the football and throw the football about 10 times a game. They are of the same mindset."

It will be nearly a three-hour bus ride to Commerce, but Bishop isn't worried about that.

"It's no longer of a trip than what we have been used to," Bishop said. "Going to places like Melbourne. It will be a road trip, but we are just going to play a football game. There are usually about one or two of those a year and that's just part of it. It will be good for the kids to go to a different state and line up against some kids that they don't know at all."

Kickoff is scheduled for 7 p.m. Friday night at Commerce, Okla.

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