Premium Sale: Auction showcases, rewards local showmen

Tuesday, September 4, 2018
The 2018 Grand Champion Market Steer was raised by Berryville’s Logan Sigmon. Sigmon sold the premium on his animal Saturday at the Premium Sale to Farm Fresh Foods. Pictured from left to right are Miss Carroll County Jacey Howerton, Sigmon, Mike Ensley of Farm Fresh Foods, and Junior Miss Carroll County Chesney Weeks.
Photo by David Bell/Carroll County News

Buyers got the chance to bid on champion livestock Saturday, Sept. 1, at the 2018 Carroll County Fair’s premium livestock sale.

Livestock show winners led their champion animals around the ring, giving the crowd the chance to bid on each. The premium buyers gave sponsorships as a winning bid donation to help peewee, junior and senior showmen with the costs of preparing their animals for competition. No meat is exchanged unless otherwise specified.

Stanley Norris served as the auctioneer, calling out the name of each showman and keeping track of bids from the crowd.

“If you haven’t had the chance to go through the barn today, you’ll see it’s full of goats, cattle, sheep and the whole deal,” he said. “The reason for that is the livestock auction we’re going to do today. Over the years, we’ve built this up, and we’ll average over $100,000 every year in prize money that goes back into these kids’ pockets.”

Norris said the success of the premium sale is thanks to the

individuals and businesses in the county who show up each year to participate in the auction.

“If we didn’t have all of you sitting here, we wouldn’t have this,” he said. “We are the envy of a lot of the counties in this state because of what you all do every year. Near as I can figure, this is our 40th sale. We started in 1978 over at the other fairgrounds. You guys are the reason for the sale’s success.”

Logan Sigmon, son of Mike and Lisa Sigmon, won Grand Champion Market Steer. He said it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to prepare a steer for the fair.

“It’s about taking care of them and making sure they always have water and food,” Sigmon said. “It feels good to win Grand Champion.”

Jaci Whittmore, daughter of Clayton and Kristin Whittmore, won Grand Champion Heifer. She said she had to practice showing her heifer and spent time washing and combing her to get her ready for the fair.

“I like getting to win ribbons,” Whittmore said, “and I love getting to ride the rides at the fair.”

Weston Teague, son of Jeff and Amanda Teague, won Grand Champion Market Hog. Since hogs are such smart animals, he said he spent a lot of time working with his to make sure it was ready to be shown in the fair. Teague said he was excited to win Grand Champion.

“I was surprised because this is the first time I’ve won. I was quite proud,” he said. “I like being here with all the animals and stuff. It brings me joy.”

Teague said his father and sister also showed hogs at the fair. He said he wanted to thank the businesses that bid on his hog and participated in the premium livestock sale.

Andrew Rexwinkle, son of Monty and Britni Rexwinkle, won Grand Champion Market Lamb and Reserve Grand Champion Carroll County Born and Bred Market Lamb. For an animal to be eligible for “Carroll County Born and Bred,” it must be conceived and born inside the boundaries of Carroll County.

Jesse Warner, son of Glen and Glenda Warner, won Grand Champion Dairy Female. To prepare his heifer for the fair, he said it took about two pounds a day to feed her.

“You have to feed them out right,” he said. “Then you can comb them every day and put them in the barn. That keeps the sun off them and keeps their hair a lighter color. It keeps them shinier, and you can spray them when you’re at home and condition them. That helps with their hair.”

Warner continued, “It felt pretty good to win Grand Champion. I just like to do it for fun.”

Norris said Whittmore and Warner also won awards for the 4-H Pullet Chain but chose to show their cattle for the premium sale.

Duncan Patterson, son of Danny and Lisa Patterson, won Grand Champion Pen of Fryer Rabbits.

Kaitlyn Armer, daughter of Marty and Kristy Armer, won Grand Champion Carroll County Born and Bred Market Steer and Reserve Grand Champion Market Steer.

Her younger siblings Lillian Armer and Brycen Armer showed their heifers at the premium sale. Lillian said they had to practice setups and walking around the arena with their heifers and fed them two times a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

“You have to feed her and work with her,” Brycen said. “My favorite part is feeding the animals.”

“It takes a lot of practice to get them ready,” Kaitlyn said. “It felt pretty good to win Grand Champion Carroll County Born and Bred. I like having fun being in the arena.”

Gracie Beck, daughter of Justin and Amy Beck, won Grand Champion Carroll County Born and Bred Heifer.

Jace Meador, daughter of Chris and Alecia Meador, won Grand Champion Carroll County Born and Bred Market Hog and Reserve Champion Market Hog.

Katelyn Rexwinkle, daughter of Monty and Britni Rexwinkle, won Grand Champion Carroll County Born and Bred Market Lamb and Reserve Champion Market Lamb.

“You’ve got to exercise them,” she said. “It felt good to win.”

Olivia Kossman, who showed her market goat at the premium sale, said you have to cut their hair, fluff the legs for lambs and wash the animals to get them ready.

“They have the ring set up on Monday night so you can practice walking them around,” she said. “I won seven blue ribbons for my goat. I felt happy because I worked hard for this. Plus, you get to ride the rides after showing animals.”

“We like to ride the rides together,” Rexwinkle said.

Karlee Standlee, daughter of Bridget Contreras, won Reserve Grand Champion Carroll County Born and Bred Market Steer.

Kendon McAlister, son of Brad and Mandy McAlister, won Reserve Grand Champion Heifer.

Dalton Warner, son of Glen and Glenda Warner, won Reserve Grand Champion Dairy Female.

Jason McCullough, son of Mike McCullough, won Reserve Grand Champion Pen of Fryer Rabbits.

Hudson Norris, son of Heath and Alisha Norris, won Reserve Grand Champion Carroll County Born and Bred Heifer.

Mason Meador, son of Chris and Alecia Meador, won Reserve Grand Champion Carroll County Born and Bred Market Hog.

Kourtney Granger, daughter of Debbie Granger, won Reserve Grand Champion Carroll County Born and Bred Market Goat.

Jerrod Hood, Sophie Writer, Maddie Writer, Kaitlyn Warner, Brycen Armer, Cooper Adams and Lillian Armer showed commercial heifers at the premium sale.

Carson Estrada, Alex Kilbourn, Whitney Jones, Bennett Bolding, Colton Jones, Grady Gordon, Adria Gordon, Blake Bolding and Kyler Clark showed market lambs at the premium sale.

Cheyenne Dawson, MaKenzie McGee, Olivia Kossmann, William Colt Wyatt, Matti Walker, Cody Granger, Mariah Cornell, Michaela Cornell, Gavin Tharp and Kyle Chaney showed market goats at the premium sale.

Caleb Usrey, Dalton Lair, Cole Meador, Coley Turner, Brookelynn Swafford, Allie Tipton, Hayden Brazeil and Tait Murphy showed market hogs at the premium sale.

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