GF, ES compete in cross country race

Friday, September 7, 2018
The Green Forest cross country team poses for a photo at Fred Grim Gym.
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On Saturday, the Eureka Springs Highlanders and Green Forest Tigers competed at the first cross country meet of the year in Springdale at Shiloh Christian. Green Forest's Lexington Hilton and Karina Maravillas each finished first overall. Individual race results are as follows:

Senior high boys: The Green Forest Tigers finished second overall and Eureka Springs finished fourth. Hilton finished first with a time of 17 minutes and 33 seconds. Eureka Springs' Kayden Eckman finished third in 19:19, while teammate Tyler Stephenson finished seventh in 19:58 and Green Forest's Jake Lopez finished 10th in 20:07. Green Forest's Paco Rangel finished 14th in 20:37, while teammates David Aguinaga finished 25th in 22:17 and Jacob McMahan finished 26th in 22:19. Green Forest's Daniel Alvarez finished 29th in 23:02, while teammates Tono Mendez finished 31st in 23:18 and Jair Juarez finished 32nd in 23:19. Eureka Springs' Donte Kruse finished 40th in 25:48, while Green Forest's Kevin Marroquin finished 42nd in 26:02 and Eureka Springs' Austin Moloney finished 43rd in 26:29. Green Forest's Chris Alcantara finished 49th in 26:55 and Eureka Springs' Sam Gay finished 57th in 28:16.

Senior high girls: The Green Forest Lady Tigers finished second overall and the Eureka Springs Lady Highlanders didn't have enough girls to form a team. Maravillas won with a time of 20 minutes and 42 seconds. Green Forest's Lucy Rios finished 11th in 24:51, while teammates Lyndsay Anglin finished 12th in 25:14 and Jennifer Martinez finished 14th in 25:30. Green Forest's Emily Bolen finished 18th in 26:31, while Eureka Springs' Savannah Reeves finished 24th in 28:51 and teammate Katelyn Ross finished both in 30:10. Green Forest's Margarita Vega finished 33rd in 30:41, while Eureka Springs' Ana Tapia finished 34th in 31:17 and Green Forest's Alejandra Lopez finished 37th in 34:00. Green Forest's Emily Solis finished 40th in 35:26.

Junior high boys: The Green Forest Tigers finished third overall and the Eureka Springs Highlanders finished fifth. Green Forest's Alonzo Rangel finished ninth in 12:49, while teammates Alexis Rangel finished 13th in 13:21 and Kevin Cifuentes finished 15th in 13:24. Eureka Springs' Damien Asbury finished 30th in 14:18, while teammates Seth Gentry finished 34th in 14:29 and Kristan Kruse finished 43rd in 14:52. Green Forest's Elias Hernandez finished 49th in 15:10, while teammate Alex Alvarez finished 56th in 15:49 and Eureka Springs' Garrett Hayhurst finished 58th in 16:00. Green Forest's Matthew Vasquez finished 64th in 17:00 and Eureka Springs' Evan Argesto finished 69th in 17:19.

Junior high girls: Neither team had enough runners to form a team. Green Forest's Michelle Calderon finished 25th in 16:51, while teammate Brianna Martinez finished 28th in 17:10 and Eureka Springs' Ana Crider finished 58th in 21:52. Eureka Springs' Eliza Parkman finished 60th in 22:56.

On Saturday, Berryville, Eureka Springs and Green Forest will all compete in Elkins. The action starts at 8 a.m.

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