Lady Tigers lose 2 nail-biters

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The Green Forest Lady Tigers lost two five set heartbreakers at Yellville-Summit and Valley Springs earlier this week.

Green Forest vs. Yellville-Summit:

The Lady Tigers dropped the first two sets Monday evening before rallying in the third and fourth sets, but ultimately fell short in the fifth and deciding set.

"It was pretty much point for point up to six in that last set," Killingsworth said. "But then we gave up about four points and we just couldn't hit it back with a kill at a very important point. We were really playing it safe. I know it's difficult, but when we have the opportunity to put the ball down, we have to take advantage."

Yellville-Summit got the victory, 25-23, 25-15, 8-25, 19-25, 15-8. In the first two sets, Green Forest combined for 13 kills and nine aces. Kassidy Bell had five of those kills and Lexey Williams had three aces. In the third-set victory, Stacy Flores had nine aces and Bell added four kills.

"Stacy Flores served all the way from point 14 to 25," Killingsworth said. "And they only scored eight points."

Killingsworth said she saw that momentum continue into the fourth set.

"We were going point for point with them," Killingsworth said. "They got on a little bit of a run from 13-17 and we couldn't get out of serve-receive. But then, we just went on a run to all but end it."

For the match, Bell finished with 11 kills and Alissa Smith had eight. Flores had nine aces, while Smith and Williams each had seven.

Green Forest vs. Valley Springs:

Killingsworth hoped Green Forest would come out motivated to play on Tuesday in Valley Springs after the five-set loss at Yellville-Summit. That wasn't the case, as Valley Springs defeated Green Forest, 25-13, 25-21, 18-25, 20-25, 15-9.

"If I thought we came out flat in the first set on Monday, I was completely wrong because we came out flat on Tuesday," Killingsworth said. "It was kind of crazy."

Even though Green Forest lost the second set, Killingsworth said she saw some fight from her team.

"We fell four points short, but it was a great set," Killingsworth said. "If we could have pushed through and won that, things could have been different."

Green Forest won the third set and Killingsworth said it was thanks in large part to some great serves.

"We had a string of serves from a couple people," Killingsworth said. "Alissa Smith, Lexey Williams and Stacy Flores. Lexey had a run of three. Alissa had a run of four. Maddie Youngbood had a run of four. Stacy Flores also had a run of four."

Valley Springs jumped out to a 9-0 lead in the fourth set before Green Forest came back to get the 25-20 victory.

"I took a timeout and we got the ball back," Killingsworth said. "Alissa got five. But then Lexey Williams went on a crazy run. She served from point 11 to point 24. That was great. The girls have spurts of competitiveness and grit. That was something we saw in the fourth set."

Killingsworth said Green Forest played more aggressively in the fifth set against Valley Springs, but it wasn't enough to get the victory.

"We just had too many mistakes," Killingsworth said. "It was point for point until point eight. Then they served point nine and 10. They got it back at point 11 and served out the game. In that little span of the game, we weren't aggressive enough, but I was pleased with how they handled the first half of the last set. Now, we just have to finish it."

For the match, Flores had 34 digs, while Smith had 28 and Kendall DeMeyer had 23. On Tuesday, Green Forest will play at Atkins. The match is scheduled to start at 4:30 p.m.

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