Good Shepherd receives $3,000 grant to pay for vaccinations

Friday, August 31, 2018

Good Shepherd Humane Society doesn’t have to worry about finding money for vaccinations for a while.

At the board’s regular meeting Aug. 22, Karen Welch announced that Good Shepherd has received a $3,000 grant for vaccinations. The grant was made possible in part by a grant from the Arkansas Animal Rescue Foundation of Little Rock, and the vaccinations will help take care of all the animals Good Shepherd takes in.

“They said, ‘If that’s not enough money, just let us know and we can get you some more,’ ” Welch said. “They were very kind and sweet.”

Board president Jay Fusaro said Good Shepherd is thankful to the foundation.

“Good Shepherd is thrilled to receive this grant,” Fusaro said. “These funds will allow us to provide vaccinations to our shelter animals. We are very grateful to the Arkansas Animal Rescue Foundation for their generosity.”

Treasurer Mark Minton presented the financial report for July, saying Good Shepherd is reflecting a loss of $1,852 versus a budgeted loss of $1,221.

“So it’s not too bad there,” Minton said. “The income was below budget by $3,474, and our expenses were $2,842 better than budget.”

The shelter is doing well at controlling expenses, Minton said. Year-to-date, he said, Good Shepherd is reflecting a total loss of $32,003 versus a budgeted loss of $30,061. Thrift store revenue has consistently exceeded budget, Minton said. He suggested the finances will look different once Good Shepherd receives revenue for its annual gala, which would include money from ad sales.

The grant for vaccinations isn’t the only good news, Minton said. He said Good Shepherd will be receiving money from Equity Bank’s two-month promotion soon. The promotion includes donating money and supplies to Good Shepherd.

“We were expecting $2,000 this year. It looks like we are going to get $2,564,” Minton said.

Good Shepherd should be receiving $2,000 from the Arkansas Community Foundation’s endowment, Fusaro said.

“There’s two things we get from the Arkansas Community Foundation. The first is the Bates money. We get about $10,000 a year specifically for spaying,” Fusaro said. “This money is interest off of the total amount of the endowment, so that fluctuates with how the market’s doing.”

Fusaro presented the shelter report for July, saying the shelter has 19 intakes, three returns and nine adoptions. The shelter has a total of 78 animals, Fusaro said, with 42 cats, 36 dogs and two animals in foster homes.

In other business, thrift store manager Janet Chupp said the Berryville store will be offering a $1 sale on all clothing items from Sept. 1-15.

The board’s next regular meeting is scheduled for 5 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 26, at the meet and greet room at the shelter.

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