BV Lions Club donates new flags to historical museum

Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Berryville Lions Club Treasurer Tyler Squires presents two brand-new flags to Berryville Historical Society President Starlene Lee.
Photo by Tavi Ellis/Carroll County News

The Heritage Center Museum’s patriotism is shining brighter now thanks to a donation from the Berryville Lions Club.

Starlene Lee, president of the Carroll County Historical and Genealogical Society, said the Berryville Lions Club donated a new Arkansas flag and United States flag to the museum because its flags were getting tattered and faded.

“We put these out front on pretty days,” Lee said, “and they were getting really tattered and everything. So the Lions Club bought us new flags and donated them. We were very pleased to have those, plus the sturdier poles that went with them. They’re great and a lot more colorful than the others we had.”

Tyler Squires, secretary and treasurer for the Berryville Lions Club, said the club appreciated the opportunity to donate the flags.

“Flags are an important part of what [the Lions Club] does in the community,” he said, “because we have our Flags for Sight program that allows us to fund local sight services for people that need them.”

Squires said businesses and individuals can pay $30 a year to have the Lions Club put flags in front of their businesses or homes.

“We sell sort of a membership for our flag program,” he said. “That money goes toward the local sight services that we provide to people. It can very from everything from assistance with eye exams or glasses all the way up to assistance with cataract surgeries.”

Squires continued, “We have different groups we work with. We work closely with Dr. Michael Law in Berryville and Vold Vision in Springdale. We’re also part of the Midsouth region, and in Memphis they have a way to provide more medically intensive services.”

“We’re very appreciative of getting the new flags,” Lee said. “They’re beautiful. I didn’t realize Lions Club did the flags. I always see them out there, but I didn’t know who put them up. That’s a great program.”

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