BV ready for 2018 CC season

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The Berryville cross country team is less than a month away from starting its season with a meet on Saturday, Sept. 9, at Elkins. Coach Andrew Killingsworth said his team has been training hard and he is excited to see how they will do.

"Everybody has been showing up and is working hard," Killingsworth said. "We are trying to win. With school starting, that has helped us a lot because we are all together on the same schedule. That's always helpful when we can all run together."

Killingsworth has high expectations for the boys team this year.

"Now that we begin to assess things, it looks like the boys are going to be a force to be reckoned with," Killingsworth said. "They aren't just going to sit down and take second this year. They are running like men with a purpose, so it's been pretty exciting watching them get after it."

On the boys side, senior leader Brian Tovar returns for Berryville, but Killingsworth said he sees other runners stepping up to help Tovar in that leadership role.

"As far as running goes, we have a real young guy in Denver Knapp who is really pushing the pace for everybody," Killingsworth said. "He is just a freshman. He is making the upperclassmen really work for it. And then, of course, one of our other guys, Braden Scrivner. He is a sophomore this year. He is pushing out there."

The Lady Bobcats graduated a number of seniors after finishing eighth at last year's Class 4A state championship, but Killingsworth has high expectations for them this year.

"We lost a big senior class last year and they were ranked No. 1 in the state," Killingsworth said. "A lot of those have graduated and went onto college to do other things. It was tough losing them, but we have some good ones coming back this year. Cecilia Doss is working hard. Alexis Steele is, too. Both of those girls are also basketball players so they get a lot of extra conditioning. They really get with it and know how to work hard. They were two girls who were part of the state-bound basketball team last year and were also on the No. 1 ranked cross country team. These girls don't know what rest is. Their only speed is go, go, go."

With the rain this week, Killingsworth said it has been a little difficult to get out and practice.

"We have to get a little bit creative,"Killingsworth said. "As long as it's not lightning and raining too hard, we can get out there and do some stuff outside. But with the rain, you have to come up with some extra conditioning things and find ways to get moving. It was raining pretty hard yesterday and my students were coming to me today saying how sore they were today, so they almost dread the rain. They would rather be out on the streets running. If we end up indoors, it's going to hurt."

Killingsworth said there is definitely one area he knows the Bobcats must improve in before the season starts.

"We have got to get our hills down," Killingsworth said. "We are known as hill runners. We haven't hit a whole lot of hills during the summer because we have tried to save that and ramp up to that once school started. Hill is going to be our favorite and least favorite word for the next four or five weeks before our first meet."

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