Good Shepherd seeking donations of food, supplies

Friday, August 3, 2018

Good Shepherd Humane Society has received several donations over the past month, and shelter manager Sandra Mittler hopes that continues.

On Wednesday, July 25, Mittler told Good Shepherd’s board of directors how grateful the shelter is for the donations. Mittler said the shelter always needs liquid laundry detergent, saying all brands are welcome but Xtra and Arm & Hammer are preferred.

“If you’re in the store and want to grab an extra one for the shelter, we would really appreciate it,” Mittler said. “Those two brands seem to work really well on our sprayers.”

The shelter needs canned dog and cat food, Mittler said, and pop top cans are preferred. For the dogs, she said, chopped or ground food is best.

“And the cats are cats, so they are very finicky,” Mittler said. “Some like shreds. Some like bits. Some like pate. Go wild with the cat food, whatever you feel like grabbing.”

Another need, Mittler said, is a heavy duty gas-powered weedeater.

“We have a weedeater and we use it, but we’ve got some pretty thick stuff to cut, so gas-powered is definitely needed, just as heavy duty as we can get,” Mittler said.

Also during the shelter report, Mittler said the shelter took in five dogs, four cats, three puppies and three kittens in June. The shelter adopted out 12 dogs and six cats, Mittler said, with one dog being returned to the shelter and three dogs being reunited with their owners. Mittler said the adoption numbers are looking good in June.

“We were very close to the number we were trying to hit,” Mittler said. “We had the exact number of adoptions as we did intakes, so that was good.”

Thrift store manager Janet Chupp presented the thrift store report, saying the thrift stores exceeded the budget in June.

“Really, truly it’s all because of the volunteers,” Chupp said. “It’s amazing we can generate so much.”

Chupp thanked president Jay Fusaro for getting a new sign for the Berryville store and said she plans to paint the outside of the building soon.

Fusaro said the board is still seeking someone to help redesign Good Shepherd’s website. He plans to check on some volunteers, Fusaro said, but the board might need to pay someone to work on the site.

“I’ll come to the board with how much that would be,” Fusaro said. “We might need some donations to offset it.”

Treasurer Mark Minton presented the financial report for June, saying Good Shepherd had a profit of $3,026 with expenses totaling $1,640. That’s in line with the budget, Minton said, and the numbers look good.

Good Shepherd’s next regular meeting is scheduled for 1 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 22, at the meet and greet room at the shelter.

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