Two GF golfers ready for season

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Green Forest Tiger golf team only has two players participating this year in Alex Kilbourn and Ashley Farrar. While coach Kyle Farrar said it would be nice to have enough players to have a chance at qualifying for the Class 3A state tournament, Farrar said this will be a great way to work on individual skill sets.

"Ashley and I can come out to the course anytime because we live in the same house," Farrar said. "Alex and I have been out here all morning working on stuff, getting better. It's more of a one-on-one teaching thing instead of having a whole bunch you have to concentrate on, which I would love to have, but when you don't you do the alternative and I'm really excited with the two I have."

Kilbourn is only a ninth-grader, but Farrar said he has been playing for several years and playing a lot over the summer with his dad to improve his game.

"Alex is starting out pretty well as a ninth-grader," Farrar said. "He has a lot more skills right now than a lot of people do when they start out. It's pretty exciting that I get him as a ninth-grader and he can swing and knows how to do a lot of the things that I'm trying to get him to do."

As a sophomore, Ashley Farrar was an all-state golfer. She also made it to the state tournament in 2017. Kyle Farrar believes she has the ability to make it back to the state tournament as a senior and do well once she gets there.

"She didn't have the tournament she wanted to last year at state," Farrar said. "She never could get anything going in that round, but early on she has hit the ball really well. It's surprising how well she has hit for how little she has hit it recently."

Farrar has been showing the two golfers ways to improve.

"Alex admitted he needed a little help with his short game, so we have been working with that quite a bit," Farrar said. "With Ashley, it's about consistency with the driver and her longer clubs. She has done that pretty well. Those are the small things we are working on. Overall, we are looking to hit one good shot after another."

Farrar said he is trying to get the two golfers adjusted to the heat.

"It hasn't been blistering hot like it probably will be in August, but it's always a strain," Farrar said. "Especially when they get out there having to carry their clubs and walk the course. That's a difficult thing to do. We are just trying to get acclimated to it and take breaks. But that's always a chore."

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