Carroll County Country Club improves greens

Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Jesse Frost finishes his follow through Monday afternoon at the Carroll County Country Club.
Tavi Ellis / Carroll County News

This time last year, the Carroll County Country Club looked much different. The greens were in poor shape and ultimately dried out, forcing the club to get new seed and resize the greens. That process began in September, and the course opened back up in April. Clubhouse manager Dave Saab said the course has improved dramatically since that time.

"The greens are even better than we thought they would be for them not even being a year old," Saab said. "We had the help from the boys up at Holiday Island and the grass has come in and exceeded everyone's expectations."

The country club installed TYEE Bentgrass to improve the greens. It was the first time the greens had been touched in 40 years and Saab said the grass has come in smoothly.

"That variety is so good and so resistant," Saab said. "It plays so well that it makes our job of taking care of it that much easier. There is always a lot of maintenance, but it's easier because the bentgrass doesn't stress as much as the older variety."

Saab said it's great seeing the greens play so well.

"When your greens go south on you, you talk to people and everyone thinks they are an expert," Saab said. "You just have to ride through that and know you are doing the right thing. Get some good help and do things wisely. It's even more rewarding to see everything that we had researched and hoped for come to fruition."

With the new bentgrass, Saab said the greens play much better.

"Everyone likes fast greens," Saab said. "That's kind of how people gauge them, right or wrong. The faster the better. We hadn't heard people telling us the greens were too fast on this course in 10 or more years, so that was good to hear when we first opened up. We actually had to raise the mower up a little bit to slow the greens a little bit and make them more playable with the slopes we have on the greens. Right now, they are perfect."

Saab expects the greens to get even better as time goes on.

"The greens are still young, so a lot of the density still has yet to happen," Saab said. "If you can get the right speed, a nice fast green and a true roll on those greens, then that makes it difficult, but not too difficult for our members."

Golfer Jesse Frost said he has seen a major difference in the course over the past year.

"Dave has done a great job with the course," Frost said. "The greens really roll out and it's a lot of fun to play."

Saab said he has also seen a difference in attendance since the course reopened.

"When the greens went bad, a lot of the members weren't playing them," Saab said. "Now we have a lot of members, and even some older members, who have come back and play every day. We are just in a really good place."

Saab has also seen an increase in membership this season.

"We have added more new members this year than we did last year," Saab said. "It seems like now when someone plays, they will come back relatively quickly and bring some friends."

Saab encourages everybody to come check out the new course.

"We just call it relaxed golf here," Saab said. "We emphasize open, friendly attitudes. We get a lot of new people playing the game and that's the only way you are going to grow the game. That's the greatest thing for us."

Family membership fees cost $550. Green fees for non-members cost $25 for 18 holes and $15 for nine holes. Cart rental is $20 for 18 holes and $10 for nine holes.

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