Letter to the Editor

Thank you, teachers!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Being a teacher, I had the luxury of taking my kids to school and then taking them home after school. I remember seeing the large group of staff getting the kids off the bus or out of the cars nearly every morning. I also had bus duty where I put the kids on the bus or watched them as they made their way off the school grounds toward home.

But now I am on the other side, the parent and grandparent side, taking the wee little ones to the bus that stops in front of the house and trusting the driver and the assistant that is buckling them in their seats.

What an amazing group of people you are. You greet them with a smile and a soft voice and keep them safe as we watch the bus drive away. My twin grandchildren go to the Olathe Early Childhood Center. After school you do the same thing and take them safely to Day Care until their parents can pick them up.

This doesn’t just happen in Olathe, Kansas, it happens here also. I am so thankful for the many staff members in our Carroll County schools and Early Childhood Learning Centers that do this every day.

Have a good school year and thank you for taking care of your precious cargo!

Donna Hill

Green Forest