Progress report: BV council receives updates on city projects

Friday, July 6, 2018

The city of Berryville has several big projects underway this summer.

City administrative assistant Jay Lee updated the Berryville City Council on the progress of each project Tuesday.

He said the city is waiting to hear back about funding for the rural water project, which will add approximately 41 miles of water line into the future growth area outside of Berryville, before approving the first bids.

“Basically, we’re waiting on a final OK from funding agencies on whether or not we will get the initial funding before we start,” Lee said.

He said the city may have to to make some alternate deductions on the designs if enough funding isn’t available.

“If we have to do the alternate deductions, then that changes who gets the bids because of the way those bids were submitted,” Lee said.

Alderman Joel Gibson asked how many residents signed up for the rural water project.

“We had over 400 sign up,” Lee said. “We had over 300 easements we had to get, and we know we won’t hit all of those because some of them are out of our target area. We only had to have 300 people sign up to move the project along, and we had over 400.”

He said the city is eager to get started on the project.

Lee said construction on the soccer complex and Freeman Avenue extension is going well.

“If you haven’t been back by the school, the soccer complex is coming along,” he said, “and the street is coming along pretty quickly, too.”

Lee said Mayor Tim McKinney is still negotiating a contract with TankSpekCorp to serve as construction manager for the painting and maintenance of the Saunders Heights water tower.

“There is one clause that Tim doesn’t feel like we can live with,” Lee said, “so Tim is still working on that.”

The council’s next regular meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday, July 17, at City Hall.

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