GSHS receives steep discount on used van

Friday, July 6, 2018

Thanks to Lewis Automotive Group of Fayetteville, the animals at Good Shepherd Humane Society have a much sweeter ride.

On Wednesday, June 27, Good Shepherd’s board of directors heard from president Jay Fusaro about the shelter’s new vehicle. Fusaro said Lewis Automotive gave the shelter a 25 percent discount on the van, which will be used to transport animals from one place to another.

“It was very easy to deal with them. It wasn’t this drawn-out process,” Fusaro said. “They were happy to help us, so just keep them in mind for your car needs.”

Shelter manager Sandra Mittler agreed.

“It’s a lovely van,” Mittler said.

Amber Bell, Lewis Automotive’s event director, said the business is family-owned and operated and has been in business for 72 years.

“With our locations being in Fayetteville, Farmington and Springdale, our footprints often extend the areas,” Bell said. “Our efforts are geared toward supporting causes and organizations with strong integrity and great purposes. As we got to know Jay Fusaro with Good Shepherd Humane Society, we saw they exhibit both.”

Also during the shelter report, Mittler said the shelter took in six dogs and eight cats in May. The shelter adopted out eight dogs and two cats, Mittler said, with one dog being returned to the shelter and one dog and one cat being reunited with their owners. Mittler said the adoption numbers are down for May but are looking better in June.

“Since the last board meeting, five long-term animals have been adopted,” Mittler said, saying long-term animals have been at the shelter for more than a year. “That’s two dogs and three cats.”

Two of the cats were a bonded pair, Mittler said, which means they needed to be adopted together.

“Bonded pairs are always a little bit harder to get adopted, so we were very happy one of our bonded pairs go adopted,” Mittler said.

She thanked Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge for allowing the shelter to submit a cat of the month. Through this promotion, Mittler said, she can help find homes for senior cats, cats that don’t like other cats and cats with special needs.

“It’s for cats that are just a little harder to find a home,” Mittler said. “That’s a great help to us.”

The shelter made a little less than $200 at the Eureka Springs Farmers Market’s Dog Days of Summer event, Mittler said. For those who would like to donate to a specific part of the shelter, Mittler said, they can specify where their donation goes. She said the funds in most need of donations are the kennel fund and emergency care fund.

Thrift store manager Janet Chupp presented the thrift store report, saying the thrift stores exceeded the budget in May.

“We’re on track for June,” Chupp said.

She has a new volunteer at the Berryville store, Chupp said, who helps deliver furniture and other large items.

“That has increased our profits over there quite a bit,” Chupp said. “I knew it was necessary. I just didn’t realize how much it would affect immediately.”

Fusaro thanked Chupp for her hard work during the financial report. Because of the thrift store revenue, Fusaro said, Good Shepherd is having a pretty good year financially. He said the year-to-date expenses are under the budget, but the year-to-date revenue is above the budget. That means the shelter needs to work harder on fundraising, Fusaro said.

“If anyone wants to get involved in the fundraising side, we’ll take your help on that,” Fusaro said.

Another way citizens can help the shelter, Fusaro said, is through social media. He asked for volunteers to help manage social media, saying that’s how fundraising campaigns find success.

“Keep your eyes and ears open for someone who wants to help us on Facebook to try to promote Good Shepherd,” Fusaro said.

The board’s next regular meeting is scheduled for 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 25, at the meet and greet room at the shelter.

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