Plaques honor local officers

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
Lt. John Contreras of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office holds one of the plaques that were presented to law enforcement officers in the county by Marty and Darlene Strough in recognition of Law Enforcement Appreciation Week.
Photo courtesy of Carroll County Sheriff’s Office

In recognition of Law Enforcement Appreciation Week this May, Marty and Darlene Strough made sure every officer in Carroll County knew they were appreciated for the work they do.

Carroll County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Dana Bailey said the Stroughs made plaques for all 55 law enforcement officers in the county, including CCCSO and the police departments in Alpena, Berryville, Eureka Springs and Green Forest.

Darlene said Bailey had come by their office and told them about Law Enforcement Appreciation Week.

“She asked if there was something I could do,” Darlene said, “so Marty and I brainstormed together.”

She continued, “We have the Stormrooms of America in Berryville, and I have a shop called ‘Iron & Other Rustic Arts’ at the same address. One of the pieces we have in the back is a computer numerical control (CNC) machine, and we had bought a program to utilize it to carve or engrave things out of wood.”

Darlene said she searched online and found a prayer for police

officers and decided to make plaques with the prayer on it for every officer.

The prayer reads “When I put on my uniform Lord, please help me be courageous and protective, serving my community. If I should have to risk my life, help me to be brave, give me wisdom, give me strength when there are lives to save. Remind me why I wear this badge and to fulfill the call, remind me that You’re here with me and watching over all. And when the day is over Lord, most of all I pray, that I’ll come home to those I love safely every day. Amen.”

“I decided that would be really nice, and I asked Dana how many officers there were in Carroll County,” Darlene said. “She said there were 55. I took a big gasp and then moved forward with it.”

She said it took about 60 hours to carve the plaques out on the CNC machine and another eight to 10 hours to stain and paint all of the plaques.

“I thought about all of the officer deaths across the country lately and how their families must feel,” Darlene said. “When they leave in the morning, they never know what they’re going to encounter that day.”

She said Tyashu Noftsger, the wife of Green Forest officer Todd Noftsger, told them how much their family appreciated the plaque.

“She said it meant a lot to her. They put it by the front door so he could see it every morning when he went out,” Darlene said. “When you think about this small area that we live in, you think it’s just local stuff and nothing bad ever happens. She said they once stopped a guy in Green Forest who was wanted for two murders in Florida. You never know what’s going to happen.”

Marty and Darlene said it was an honor to do the project for local officers.

“We were first thinking we could do something and they could decide who to give it to,” Marty said, “but then we thought about how we didn’t want to have only two or three officers get them. I didn’t realize there were 55 officers in the county, but once we made the commitment we followed through with it. It was an honor to do it.”

“It really was an honor,” Darlene said. “I was so happy Dana stopped by because I never would have known about it otherwise. We were so excited to be able to do something to let them know we appreciate their service.”

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