BV working hard during the summer

Friday, June 8, 2018

The Berryville Bobcats finished the year 24-9 and made it to the first round of the Class 4A state tournament. The Bobcats graduated five seniors, though, including Jarrett Ray, Ty Allen and Cody Allen. The Bobcats are hard at work this summer, preparing for next season.

"Those guys who graduated were really good outside shooters," Berryville coach Brent Compton said. "We are still trying to figure that part out. Zach Webb is back. Scotland Lucas is back. Kyler Kendrick is back. Those three guys got solid minutes last year. Kooper Logan is one who is going to have to step up and make shots, along with Rayden Peden. He is going to be a guy who has to step up. But we are still looking for guys to replace them. It might take all summer, but our kids are going to put the work in."

Compton likes what he has seen from his team so far during the off-season workouts.

"We are playing games in our league and we have played pretty well so far," Compton said. "I think we are undefeated so far. We are going to NAC on Thursday. We are going to Fayetteville next Monday and Tuesday. We are just trying to play solid competition, get in the gym and work on some individual skills. Hopefully with all of the repetition and the games that we are playing, we will continue to improve and be a competitive team next year."

Compton said he enjoys the different things he is able to experiment with while at these team camps.

"We are trying to get a lot of kids out there on the floor," Compton said. "We have a couple 10th-graders who have a chance to get some time, along with some juniors that should have a chance to get some time. We are putting different combinations out there to see who can handle the pressure. Who can make some tough shots. Who can defend. We aren't concerned with winning every game this summer, we are just trying to figure out what our identity can be. What our roles can be and hopefully put those things together once the season gets here."

Compton expects others to make contributions who didn't play much last year.

"Chris Lehr looks like a kid who is coming along pretty well," Compton said. "And then there are a couple of junior high kids in Landon Chester and J.D. Smith that could give us minutes. Rayden Peden is a senior who is going to have a chance to step up and play. Tyler Payne is another who will give us solid minutes, even Trenton Hutchison. We have a lot of kids working hard and putting in time right now."

Compton said this is an important time of year for the younger guys so that the team can begin to come together.

"This is the time they can see how fast the game is," Compton said. "The speed and physicality isn't quite what they have been used to. This summer will give them a chance to make their adjustments so that when we get to the season, it's not such a shock and they will know what to work on between now and then to compete at the varsity level."

Compton said the Bobcats are doing more than just going to team camps throughout the summer.

"We are always going to be in the weight room and be in the gym working on individual skills," Compton said. "That's just part of it. It's a year-round process these days."

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