Letter to the Editor

High praise for park

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Dear Editor,

There is a new top dog in my house named Frankie who insists on twice daily walks. This mandate has caused me to discover and use Berryville’s city parks. It has been a happy discovery, especially the Mill Creek Wildlife Park adjacent to the Berryville Community Center.

The Mill Creek park is lovely to look at, friendly and safe to use by old pedestrians such as myself and filled with enough wildlife and native treasures to keep a six-month-old Jack Russell Terrier in a state of excitement and delight. Yesterday, we saw a fox, several colorful birds, and a creek bed teeming with small fishes and minnows. It was a fun outing.

Thank you, City of Berryville, and thank you Berryville Parks Department, for planning, creating, and maintaining such a lovely, accessible, and intelligently planned public space such as the Mill Creek Wildlife Park.

— Dan Krotz