Letter to the Editor

A clear message

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Tuesday’s primary results I believe were pretty mixed but sent a clear message about Arkansas politics. Voters of this state would rather the establishment continue to lord over them rather than have the courage to choose someone who would give them the freedom to live their lives with minimal government interference.  While the tax happy corrupt governor won by a landslide, sending a clear message to border states like Missouri and Oklahoma that their businesses are safe because citizens of this state will continue to pour across their borders in search of lower taxes and costs.

While I am disappointed that Jack Gentry was not chosen to be the next sheriff of Carroll County, I will support Jim Ross for sheriff because I believe even he could do a better job than the current corrupt rodeo clown at the helm. Of course you should ask Tony Rogers why Alpena Police Chief Mark Bailey can’t testify in court.  Voters of the 5th District made the right call when they chose to send State Representative Bob Ballinger to Little Rock because now, something will actually get done and we have a conservative we can count on to show up for the tough votes and not make excuses. He is being sent there to serve the people and I believe he has their best interests at heart.

I was both surprised and disappointed at the primary results. I moved here from Connecticut to escape high taxes but Asa Hutchinson makes me feel right at home. Now the governor has no opposition to pass his internet sales tax, increased grocery taxes and put the nail in the coffin of the sales tax holiday that helps so many families. The governor’s policies will continue to provide benefits to other states that surround Arkansas, but not Arkansas itself.  

— Andrew Dziedzic