Green Forest selects staff members for security teams

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Green Forest School Board has selected the staff members who will serve on the Emergency Response Team (ERT).

Superintendent Matt Summers said the board held a special called meeting Thursday, May 10, to review personnel items for the 2018-19 school year, including staff members who had volunteered to serve on the ERT.

“The board has approved the team members. That’s all we’ve done so far,” he said.

The security force serves on teams, he said, and Green Forest will have four teams, one for each school building.

“We’d have a team at the elementary, intermediate, middle and high schools,” Summers said. “You wouldn’t leave your building to go to another building in the event that something happens. You train with your team and stay with your team.”

He said staff members

serving on the ERT will have to have their guns concealed at all times.

“If it’s seen, that’s wrong. The rules are it’s either on your person, or it’s locked in a safe,” he said. “We will provide safes for those staff members. Having it in your car, purse or desk is never acceptable. It’s on your person or locked in the safe.”

The staff members serving on the security force will be kept confidential, Summers said, and they will take action only in the event of an active shooter scenario.

“The concept is that this program is the point of contact in the event of a horrific situation like this until law enforcement arrives,” he said. “For us with two SROs and now four SROs, that response time shouldn’t be more than two minutes, maybe even less than one minute.”

Summers said the ERT program will be implemented for the 2018-19 school year.

“The deterrent piece is so big that next year you’re going to see a police officer and car at all four buildings,” he said, “and will see signs letting you know that there are armed security teams in every building. We’re doing literally everything we can to make ourselves as protected as possible.”

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