Friday, May 18, 2018

When you or someone you love is dealing with a mental health concern, sometimes it’s a lot to handle. It’s important to remember that mental health is essential to everyone’s overall health and well-being, and mental illnesses are common and treatable.

So much of what we do physically impacts us mentally. That is why this year’s theme for May is Mental Health Month – Fitness #4Mind4Body – is a call to pay attention to both your physical health and your mental health, which can help achieve overall wellness and set you on a path to recovery.

“May is Mental Health Month” was started 69 years ago by Mental Health America to raise awareness about mental health conditions and the importance of good mental health for everyone.

This “May is Mental Health Month,” we are focused on how a healthy lifestyle may help prevent the onset or worsening of mental health conditions, as well as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other chronic health problems. It can also help people recover from these conditions. Eating healthy foods, managing stress, exercising and getting enough sleep can go a long way in making you both physically and mentally healthy.

“It is important to really look at your overall health, both physically and mentally, to achieve wellness,” said Chelsie Harper, licensed clinical social worker of Mercy Berryville’s Senior Life Solutions Program. “Getting the appropriate amount of exercise, eating healthy foods that can impact your gut health, getting enough sleep and reducing stress — it’s all about finding the right balance to benefit both the mind and body.”

“We know that living a healthy lifestyle is not always easy, but it can be achieved by gradually making small changes and building on those successes,” said program director Leah Weaver. “By looking at your overall health every day — both physically and mentally — you can go a long way in ensuring that you focus on your Fitness #4Mind4Body.”

Senior Life Solutions is an intensive outpatient group therapy program, designed to meet the unique needs of older adults over the age of 65 struggling with depression and anxiety often related to aging. Family members, physicians, or other health professionals can refer individuals to the program.

For more information on May is Mental Health Month, visit Mental Health America’s website at www.mentalhealthamerica.net/may.

For more information on Mercy’s Senior Life Solutions program, call 870-423-5299.

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