Cottingham announces bid for ES mayor

Friday, May 4, 2018

Theodore Cottingham has begun his campaign to become Eureka Springs’ next mayor. Cottingham says he seeks to unite the collective consciousness and creativity of all who care about Eureka Springs becoming a world class center of art, music, education, the healing arts, commerce and transparent can-do user-friendly city government.

Embracing complete open transparent government, eGovernance, digital city hall and a vision for residents to create a new master city plan, Cottingham believes Eureka Springs must unite to re-prioritize the budget and fill The Aud with engaged residents who come together in kindness and respect for all concerns.

“Let us not bash each other nor remain complacent in our complaining about things. Let us create, let us pan, let us come together, let us learn new skills and open our minds to the value of municipal planning with foresight and diligence,” Cottingham says. “We have so many creative and talented people here. Thousands come through our doors who love this place and love us. Let us become better at loving the people who come here from other countries and cities close by.”

Education is the centerpiece of Cottingham’s vision.

“We are a city with a consciousness of creation and all of us being creators,” Cottingham says. “The day to empower leaders is now, and I am not the leader with all the answers, but I have the vision to empower normal regular people that are here now to lead in extraordinary ways to empower each other, enhancing Eureka for all who live here and all who come our way.”

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