Letter to the Editor

Another point of view

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

My name is Don Offenbaker, and I am the founder and president of the Committee To Stop the Holiday Island Incorporation Committee. In perusing your current article from 4/10/2018, I have noticed the Committee for Incorporation has made several misstatements.

The facts of this issue are that the incorporation committee was inept to the point that during the time they were circulating petitions, they did not at any time check to ensure they had the most current revision of the law they’re citing as their foundation for incorporation ACA 14-38-101.

Furthermore the Incorporation Committee while circulating their petitions did not inform any signees, nor did they indicate on their petition that if a resident signs the document, their signature is counted as a vote for incorporation. When residents became outraged that they were misled, the pro-incorporation people said they “held a meeting” and informed attendees; additionally comments were made telling some who complained they should move, and others they were crying over spilled milk.

These instances all occurred on a website where the HISID incorporation was (and still is) continually discussed. In addition to the intimidation and misleading of residents, the “Committee” you talked to has not revealed their members to the residents to my knowledge, and I have asked them to do so on our website, but currently there has been no response.

Judge Barr’s response was due to the fact that  the “committee” you talked with completely wasted the court’s time, they cited a law as their reasoning for incorporation, that actually prevented them from incorporating. They failed to place the pertinent information related to the petition on the petition. A good amount of residents believed they were signing a petition stating they were in favor of exploring the incorporation issue. Not in favor of incorporation. So for Ken Mills whom you quoted to say “Then he put a bunch of crap in there that wasn’t relevant.”  Should perfectly explain why the attempt of this committee went down in a massive ball of flames.

For a committee to bring forward a petition, and fail to outline the purpose of the petition on the actual petition is incompetence of a whole new level, but then for these people to try to insinuate Judge Barr was throwing a “bunch of crap in there” or that he “was determined to turn it down” is in my opinion a staggering level of inability to recognize that you are only verifying the incompetency of your committee. These are just a few of the reasons the committee of self appointed people failed to accomplish their goal.

I, too, will contact Rep. Bob Ballinger and state Sen. Bryan King soon and also will discuss the matter with the Arkansas Municipal League, I am a disabled veteran, and will ask these people to hold fast with the way things are. There are many people living in the area who are living on a fixed income and cannot afford additional expenses. If these political figureheads should act on behalf of a few individuals, rather than to consider the entire population of the HISID, then the citizens will rise in defiance of them come election day.

Remember the only reason this “Committee” achieved enough signatures on their petition to begin with was because they misrepresented the reason for the petition, they did not indicate the signee was voting when they signed the petition. And that, even if the revision of 14-38-101 had not changed would have nullified their petition.

 Thank you for your time,

Don Offenbaker

 Founder and President of the

Committee to stop the

Incorporation Committee