Bobcats get easy wins to open conference play

Friday, April 13, 2018
Berryville's Frederic Leroy gets ready to kick the ball in Friday's soccer match against Decatur.
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The Berryville soccer team is now 2-0-1 on the season after getting back-to-back wins to end last week. The Bobcats got a 6-0 win at Lincoln on Thursday and beat Decatur 6-1 at home on Friday. The Berryville Lady Bobcats also got a 9-0 win over Decatur.

Lincoln 6, Berryville 0

This is Lincoln's first year of playing soccer, therefore the win didn't count toward the conference standings. Coach Dyllan Candelaria said he is proud of the way the Bobcats played knowing the win wasn't going to count.

"It counts as a JV game because it's Lincoln's first year playing soccer," Candelaria said. "We played Lincoln's varsity, though so we played a lot of our varsity guys. What I like about our guys is how unselfish we are."

Fredric Leroy scored two goals for Berryville, while Jesus Perez, Carlos Garduno, Daniel Portillo and Johnny Martinez each scored one.

"Fredric Leroy is leading the team in scoring, but outside of him, we have five, six, seven guys who have scored in three games," Candelaria said. "It's refreshing to see the guys be unselfish. Be willing to make those extra passes and give those guys scoring chances."

Berryville 6, Decatur 1

Berryville took a 4-1 lead into halftime before cruising to the five-goal victory. Candelaria said the Bobcats did a great job controlling tempo in the win against Decatur.

"We controlled the ball really well and we were smart with our passes," Candelaria said. "We come to the ball and are aggressive when we need to be."

Abdiel Torres, Brian Tovar, Nathan Engel and Leroy all scored in the match, but Candelaria was impressed with how the Bobcats scored more than anything.

"We have scored in a lot of different ways," he said. ďAbdiel scored off a penalty kick. Nathan scored off a corner kick and then we also scored on an inadvertent goal. We are getting ourselves in those positions to give ourselves scoring opportunities."

Berryville is scheduled to play a home match with Prairie Grove on Thursday and the Bobcats will have a doubleheader on Friday, playing both Lead Hill and Bergman. Candelaria said he is just glad the Bobcats are back out on the field.

"All of our guys have been complaining about the weather," Candelaria said. "There is not a lot we can do on this grass field, but now that we are getting to play a couple games a week, it's big for us. We played Harrison in early March and then it was almost an entire month before we played again."


Berryville 9, Decatur 0

This is the first time in several years that the Decatur soccer program has had a girls team and the Lady Bulldogs still have some work to do if they wish to compete at the highest level.

"I know they are trying to build their program up, but that didn't matter," Berryville coach Aaron Hall said. "It was good for us to get out there and play someone not ourselves. We got out of there with a pretty good victory."

Maryn Jones scored two goals, while Abby Thurman, Karleigh Giles, Nora Waller, Natalia Hernanzez, Samantha Witherby and Chloe Wilson all had one.

"They never crossed midfield but once that was close to the 18 box in the first half," Hall said. "I put four or five subs in after it was 3-0. It was just good to see the ball go into the net. I thought we played pretty well. We did some good things. We didn't make all of our shots, but Natalia had seven or eight shots on goal. Maryn had nine or 10. Karleigh had four. We didn't make all of them, but we were pressuring them."

Hall was glad to see the Lady Bobcats spread the ball around.

"We had a defender get an assist," Hall said. "Maryn had an assist. Taylor (Swofford) had an assist. Natalia had an assist, so it wasn't like we were going one-on-one. It was you kick it to me and I score. We were playing as a team."

On Thursday the Lady Bobcats will have a home match with Prairie Grove before traveling to Batesville for a tournament this weekend.

"We are getting ready to play a lot of soccer," Hall said. "I think we have the potential to play seven games in a six-day period. As long as we can get on the field, I think we will be OK."

Thursday's match is scheduled to start at 5 p.m.

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