Green Forest hosts track meet

Friday, April 13, 2018

Green Forest hosted the Anstaff Relays on Thursday. Gravette won the boys competition, scoring 129 points. Berryville finished sixth, scoring 32 points, while Eureka Springs finished 14th, scoring six points and Green Forest finished 15th, scoring five points. Green Forest won the girls competition, scoring 120 points, while Eureka Springs finished ninth, scoring 14 points and Berryville finished 10th, scoring 10 points. Individual results are as follows:

Boys 100-meter dash: Berryville's Tristan Updegraff finished 12th in 12.48, while teammate Wyatt Poe finished 18th in 12.82 and Green Forest's Braden Smith finished 22nd in 12.75. Berryville's Brett Parsons finished 26th in 12.99, while Green Forest's Gage Lowe finished 27th in 13.10 and teammate Eli Gomez finished 36th in 13.64. Green Forest's Greg Wyatt finished 40th in 13.69 and Berryville's John Morales finished 42nd in 14.37.

Girls 100-meter dash: Green Forest's Mattie Phillips finished 12th in 15.00, while Eureka Springs' Katelyn Ross finished 13th in 15.04 and Berryvile's Lexy Anderson finished 15th in 15.17. Green Forest's Lauryn Veach finished 17th in 15.45 and teammate Alyson Bruegel finished 25th in 16.97.

Boys 200-meter dash: Lowe finished 15th in 25.75 for Green Forest, while Poe finished 19th in 26.16 for Berryville and his teammate Updegraff finished 23rd in 26.62. Parsons finished 28th in 27.30 for Berryville, while Wyatt finished 29th in 27.31 for the Tigers and Eureka Springs' Zachary Brothers finished 32nd in 28.95. Morales finished 35th in 29.75 for Berryville.

Girls 200-meter dash: Phillips finished seventh for Green Forest in 30.36, while Kassidy Bell finished eighth in 31.19 for the Lady Tigers and Anderson finished 12th in 31.51 for Berryville. Bruegel finished 20th in 37.29 for Green Forest.

Boys 400-meter dash: Berryville's Jason Trujillo finished 10th in 59.15, while Lowe finished 12th in 59.86 for Green Forest and Wyatt finished 16th in 1:01.98 for the Tigers. Green Forest's Braden Smith finished 21st in 1:04.28 and teammate Jordan Chuc finished 22nd in 1:05.57.

Girls 400-meter dash: Green Forest's Lyndsay Anglin finished fifth in 1:09.07, while Anderson finished 11th in 1:11.50 for Berryville and teammate Cecilia Doss finished 12th in 1:11.54. Green Forest's Lucy Rios finished 7th in 1:16.65 and Bruegel finished 21st in 1:24.55 for the Lady Tigers.

Boys 800-meter run: Eureka Springs' Josiah Wilson finished 13th in 2:29.74 and teammate Jeremiah Morris finished 32nd in 3:00.08.

Girls 800-meter run: Green Forest's Karina Maravillas won in 2:35.29. Green Forest's Jennifer Martinez finished sixth in 2:51.52, while teammates Anglin finished seventh in 2:52.30 and Rios finished 12th in 2:58.00. Doss finished 16th in 3:04.29 for Berryville.

Boys 1,600-meter run: Wilson finished seventh in 5:27.68 for Eureka Springs, while Berryville' Eduardo Rangel finished ninth in 5:30.03 and Chuc finished 19th in 5:57.59. Morris finished 28th in 6:45.98 for Eureka Springs.

Girls 1,600-meter run: Maravillas won in 5:56.59 for Green Forest, while Martinez finished third in 6:08.35 for the Lady Tigers.

Boys 3,200-meter run: Rangel finished third in 11:52.75 for Berryville, while Wilson finished fifth in 12:27.10 for the Highlanders and Morris finished 11th in 14:06.04 foe Eureka Springs.

Girls 3,200-meter run: Green Forest's Maravillas won in 13:09.15 and teammate Martinez finished second in 13:20.74.

Boys 110-meter hurdles: Berryville's Scotland Lucas finished 16th in 21.43 and Eureka Springs' Brothers finished 23rd in 24.19.

Girls 100-meter hurdles: Green Forest's Lexey Williams finished second in 18.21, while teammates Bell finished sixth in 18.71 and Alissa Smith finished eighth in 19.20.

Boys 300-meter hurdles: Berryville's Aaron Cisco finished 21st in 52.01, while Brothers finished 23rd in 54.38 for Eureka Springs and Berryville's Lucas finished 24th in 54.61.

Girls 300-meter hurdles: Bell won in 52.13, while teammates Alissa Smith finished 10th in 57.51 and Lexey Williams finished 11th in 58.42.

Boys 4x100-meter relay: Berryville finished sixth in 48.46.

Girls 4 x 400-meter relay: Green Forest finished third in 5:01.27.

Girls 4x800-meter relay: Green Forest won in 11:11.02.

Boys High Jump: Cisco finished fifth in 5-6 for Berryville.

Girls High Jump: Green Forest's Lexey Williams finished sixth in 4-8.

Boys Long Jump: Updegraff finished second in 19-10 for Berryville, while Lucas finished 21st in 17-4 for the Bobcats.

Girls Long Jump: Green Forest's Alissa Smith finished fourth in 14-10, while her teammate Lexey Williams finished eighth in 14-2 and Berryvile's Doss finished ninth in 14-0. Phillips finished 11th in 13-10 for Green Forest and Bell finished 12th in 13-9 for the Lady Tigers.

Boys Triple Jump: Berryville's Updegraff won with a jump of 41-4. Lucas finished 18th in 36-3 for the Bobcats and teammate Charlie Archer finished 20th in 36-2.

Girls Triple Jump: Williams finished third for the Lady Tigers in 32-4, while Berryville's Doss finished finished fifth in 32-3 and Green Forest's Bell finished 12th in 30-5. Green Forest's Alissa Smith finished 13th in 30-4 and Veach finished 17th in 27-3 for the Lady Tigers.

Boys Shot Put: Green Forest's Carter Boggs finished fifth in 38-10 and Berryville's Conner Worley finished seventh in 37-6.

Girls Shot Put: Berryville's Kate Powell finished third in 29-2, while Eureka Springs' Gracie Lester finished fifth in 27-5 and Green Forest's Alissa Smith finished ninth in 25-8. Brisa Fernandezdelara finished 11th in 25-2 for Green Forest, while teammate Veach finished 19th in 21-9 and Eureka Springs' Hannah Jewel finished 21st in 21-1. Green Forest's Madisyn Hudson finished 22nd in 20-11.

Boys Discus Throw: Boggs finished eighth in 98-1 for Green Forest, while Jason Trujillo finished 12th in 90-11 for Berryville and teammate Ariel Orellana finished 13th in 90-0. Brothers finished 16th in 86-7 for Eureka Springs and Gomez finished 22nd in 81-11 for Green Forest.

Girls Discus Throw: Lester won with a throw of 88-4 for Eureka Springs, while Green Forest's Alissa Smith finished 12th in 62-9 and teammate Fernandezdelara finished 14th in 62-5. Green Forest's Veach finished 15th in 62-1, while Berryville's JoDee Smith finished 16th in 61-2 and Green Forest's Hudson finished 18th in 60-3. Berryville's Bonnie Haussman finished 19th in 59-7 and Eureka Springs' Jewel finished 22nd in 55-11.

Girls Pole Vault: Green Forest's Williams won in 9-0, while her teammates Anglin finished in a tie for eighth. Anglin and Phillips each had a throw of 5-6.

On Thursday, Berryville, Eureka Springs and Green Forest will compete in Harrison. The action will begin at 3:30 p.m.

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