Art Show: BV students share talents with community

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Alexis Ramirez, Cheyenne Ford, and Joanna Monen browse the show and discuss their favorite pieces.
Photo by Tavi Ellis/Carroll County News

Berryville art students covered the Old Rock Gym in colors last week as park of the fifth annual Berryville High School Art Show.

The art show was held on Wednesday, April 4, and Thursday, April 5, to give students, parents and community members the chance to see the projects that art students have been working on this school year. Art teachers Boone Hooker and Judy Patterson said the show featured pieces from beginning artists to the concentration pieces from seniors in AP Art.

“We focused on a lot of different art styles and mediums in our classes,” Hooker said. “There are paintings, drawings, sculptures, pointillism and more. We try to introduce them to a lot of different styles and types of art.”

“This is my first year here,” Patterson said. “I’ve been out of art for 22 years, so it has been fun getting back into it. I had the Art I and Painting students. We did some recycled art this year, including painting some big light bulbs and making fantasy houses out of recycled cardboard.”

Junior John Morales said he focused on painting with acrylics, using art as a way to explore different emotions.

“There’s a lot of depressing moods and crying going on in my pieces,” he said. “One, called ‘Shattered,’ is about how music helps me get back together instead of falling apart.”

He continued, “For my piece ‘Trapped,’ I was inspired by what I had been through the past year and over the summer. I felt trapped and cornered, so this piece represents that feeling of wanting to escape. The marks on the walls in the piece are supposed to represent prison bars.”

Morales said he also experimented with different techniques, including using his hands as a paintbrush.

“For this one, I used my hands only,” he said. “I poured paint on the canvass and used my fingers to shape it into the images I wanted to create.”

Junior Sarah Davis said she joined a painting class for the first time this semester and got to try out several different mediums and techniques.

“I tried oil painting this year and liked it, but it’s so hard to clean up,” she said. “I also like acrylics because they’re so easy to use.”

For one assignment, Davis said the students made a triptych, which is a work of art divided into three sections.

“Triptych paintings are made of three different panels that all connect to make one picture,” she said. “Mine is like a big stained glass window of a church. I’ve got a lot of comments asking if the symbol in the window is a pentagram, but it’s not. It’s actually a pentacle, which is a Wiccan symbol.”

Davis continued, “Stained glass windows are usually used in Christian churches, but my piece has this Wiccan element to it. I really enjoyed that. It took me three weeks to finish the piece.”

Another assignment, she said, was for the students to pick a letter of the alphabet and paint something associated with that letter.

“I picked the letter ‘O’ and painted the Emerald City from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ inside it,” she said. “I also painted poppy flowers in it because they’re also in the Wizard of Oz and are used to make opium, which gives them another letter ‘O’ connection.”

Senior Albert Camarillo said he worked on an abstract painting, which focuses on shapes and feelings rather than specific images.

“I did this one with coffee,” he said. “It’s supposed to be like a map.”

Camarillo said he used the coffee as his medium, staining the paper and creating the different shapes with it. He said he has enjoyed taking art classes throughout his high school career.

“I’ve done a lot of pieces over the years, and I really enjoy drawing,” he said.

Hooker said the art show is one of his favorite events during the school year because it gives art students a chance to be recognized for their talent by their friends, family and the community.

“We have some really talented students, and it makes me proud to see them have their artwork on display and see the rest of the school being so supportive of them,” he said.

Hooker said the Berryville art department plans to keep doing the art show every year.

“This is like our program’s Super Bowl,” he said. “It’s cool seeing the students display their talents.”

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